Since his birth in the fall of 1986, Paul has spent his years living and working in the Greater Vancouver area. He has always had a unique perspective on life, constantly thinking outside the box. Currently located in Port Coquitlam, he spends nearly all of his time living and breathing his passion for film and media. Self-employed owner and manager of a full-service video production company, Techno Monkey Media, he is the driving force behind their rapid expansion. In his spare time, he even finds time to organize and run an award-winning independent film group, Raised by Monkeys.

Embracing nature since the very beginning, Paul climbed before he could walk. While hiking and snowboarding are his favorites, Paul will take on almost any challenge he can get his hands on.

Commander Keen

Anyone who spends any time with Paul can tell you that he is the only guy to call when you need a little tech support. From starting out playing games like Commander Keen throughout his childhood, he has developed an all around knowledge computers. Paul has an uncanny ability to get to the root of any problem and solve it.

Throughout his high school life, Paul opted to go against the grain of the high-school dramas, keeping to himself and focusing instead on his own unique goals and interests.

Out of high school, Paul decided to take time for himself before diving into life, landing some contract jobs in web-design to fill his spare time. He picked up a small retail job for a few months, but was quickly noticed and snapped up by a company for a graphics design job. In the fall of 2005, Paul took a trip with two of his closest friends to travel Europe for three months, a life changing and eye opening experience that he will never forget.

Eventually, Paul decided to follow his instincts and quit his day job as a graphics designer to focus solely on his own business venture in video production. Over time the company has grown, later drawing the help of his father as a full time partner in the company. They have been successfully expanding their business ventures faster than anyone could have imagined. Paul has found his own sense of self-growth alongside his company, and has used his experiences to better excel at life.

These days you will often hear of Paul throwing a social BBQ for his friends, who are a very important aspect of his life. He can almost always be found out and about doing as much as he can to learn through experience, simply striving to enjoy life for its true beauty. Life may be too short to see and do everything, but Paul plans to live each day to the fullest, learn as much as he can, and always be true to himself.

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