Today was pretty boring. I woke up to my parents calling me for school, I just couldn’t get up so I lay there, I still can’t figure out why yet… I wish I knew so I could get up better. I went back to sleep and my mom thought it was my bad cough which I have had now for several days, so she called school and said I was sick. I woke up later, 11:30AM… I lay there for a while, and then I went out to the kitchen where mom was. She asked if I wanted to go to school and I said no, obviously. I got on the computer with a large bowl of hot cereal, and couldn’t find the Red Faction CD #2, which I needed, so I got online and downloaded a song, before the connection cut out. I was alone so I couldn’t get back online, (password needed). I played playstation and FF7, I almost have a Gold Chocobo, so I am happy. We gave Brian his gifts and had dinner. I was kicked off the computers and Playstation so I could study, but I haven’t. It is much later, 11:30PM, and I am wearing my headgear for the second time since I got it, on October 19th. I should wear it more often. Well, I have “semi” started to clean my room, which I should really finish because it is very messy. Oh yeah, I like the new sleeping bag I got for my birthday.

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