Damn! I hate this weekend. I went to Christines today, and didn’t do the project because Dave and Sean didn’t have their books, and didn’t wanna start. On top of that, My parents picked me up two hours early! TWO! … Then I decided not to go shooting, and to go to the Dance, because I was kind of upset and I can’t shoot when I am pissed off. My parents agreed, but when I got on the phone to tell him I could go, they changed their minds. Ray and I then decided just to go to his house and hang for the night. And now I am supposed to be at dinner, but they pissed me off to much to make me want to eat. I am a little hungry, but I don’t wanna talk to them. I hope they change their minds, but I even more wanna go to the dance. I doubt we could go to the dance though, because we don’t have a ride. I am really pissed off, and I think this is one of my worst weekends ever.

– Pissed off one

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