Well, this “horrible” weekend has changed. Yesterday I got to go to Ray’s and we had fun playing playstation. Dad picked me up later, and brought me back home. Oh yea… yesterday, Christine’s Dad had a spring break his glasses and send a piece of glass through his eyelid and into his eye. I don’t know how I forgot to mention it yesterday, but he came back from the hospital today. He can still see, so he is okay. He just didn’t want much noise…I went to Christine’s today…so he didn’t want much noise, so we bussed over to Sean’s house. I wore the Afro-wig on the bus, It was fun because of all the strange looks I got. I then went home, and then to a St. Helen’s dinner with Grandpa and Rita, John, Kevin, Grace, Zack, and Grandma. I wore the wig there too, and had some more funny looks. Mom bought me a nice puffy black jacket from R2 (Randy River). She also got me an SPC card for this year. After the dinner we went to Grandpa’s apartment, and played mafia there. It was a really good game too. We all had a lot of fun there. I called Ray, and he is going to set up Halloween with Elaine and Kelly. I hope we have a good time.

– Dude with the ‘fro!

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