Well, today was okay. Nothing much happened at school. I was in the weight room again, but this was the first time Ray wasn’t there. I didn’t mind too much. The Duke of Edinburgh’s award sign-up sheet came in the mail today. I think I will just skip bronze and go onto the silver award. It will be better. I want to do the Gold as well. I wanna buy a ‘fro wig on Wednesday, I will be at Kelly’s with Ray and Elaine then. I hope to have a good time. Humph… that’s funny. I was going to end this log but I just looked up and I am ending a lot of these logs with “I hope…” at the end so I won’t this time, I will just say that I will have a good time. Hey, Deep End, by Swollen Members is playing on my stereo. This probably sounds gay, doesn’t it. I don’t know why I write in here, but I do so… Later!

– Him

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