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Monday, November 26th, 2001

Water Rat was pretty fun except for the lack of sleep and I.M.P.’s. I walked a lot. It didn’t rain. Pavel Mirski was my hooch partner (tent partner). It was fun. On Thursday, I went to a skate arena with Ray, Christine, and Nate. It was closed so we walked to Lougheed Mall. We hung around there for a while and then walked to Ray’s where Ray, Christine, and I went to the Parent-Teacher’s Conferences, and then to Christine’s to watch ‘Swordfish‘ It was good. Christine gave me a computer while I was there. It’s a 4 MB ram, 1.33 GB Hard drive, and a 386. It’s got lots of cool games though. Ray then came to my house where we spent the night and then we went to Surry with Christine, and Jason. We met Erin, Elaine, and Kelly there. Nothing happened. It was boring. We went to the movie store, then Kelly’s, then bowling, then Elain’s house, then home. I only said ‘Hi’ to Kelly once and got a short hug at the end. I talked with Elaine and Christine, and it was good. I didn’t like some of the stuff they said about Kelly, but it was a good talk. We all left and went home after that. I called Ray later, and we had the talk about everything which I had meant to have for a while. I went to Water Rat, and had fun patroling. I came back today and talked to Kelly a half-hour ago. I told her that we should do something this weekend because we need to talk. She agreed. I mentioned it again later and she agreed then aswell. We really need to be more open if we want a good relationship.

– Thinker

Thursday, November 22nd, 2001

Well, plans changed… Kelly can’t come skating so we’ll go to Plant Ice and it’ll be me, Ray, Christine, Colin, and Nate. It’ll be fun still. After, Me, Christine, and Ray will go talk about Ray changing and try to help. It went to the army surplus store and I bought Christine a small knife she wanted. I’ll give it to her tomorrow as an early Christmas gift. I also bought myself another knife. It’s the same as my 4 inch one, but this one is a flat blade, not seraded. It;s so cool! I wish Kelly could’ve come skating but “you can’t with them all.”

– Skater

Wednesday, November 21st, 2001

Christine got her report card, and she’s getting 42% in math. Her dad grounded her and took a lot of stuff from her room. She called me and she was crying. This means she can’t come skating, and there might not be a dinner on Sunday for when I come back from Water Ray. I am going to pack tomorrow. On Thursday, I will go home with Ray to his house from the Parent-Teacher’s Conferences. We’ll then go skating in Surrey with Kelly, Nate, Colin, and anyone else who wants to come. Erin might come too. I don’t know what we’ll do after that, but I’ll spend the night at Ray’s and go to see Harry Potter at Silver City Coquitlam where Jason will meet us. Kelly and Erin will be there. I saw the movie already so I hope Kelly don’t wanna see it if you know what I mean. Well, after the movie, I’ll get picked up and brought home to eat, and then go down to the drill hall for Water Rat. It’ll be a fun weekend.

– Just A Guy

Sunday, November 18th, 2001

On Sunday, I did the Remembrance Day ceremony with Cadets, and went to Squires Monday. At Squires, Ray became Chief Squire, and I became Deputy Chief. I had Cadets on Tuesday, and went to Collectors Den with Christine, Ray, Jay, Brian, Colin, and Dave. It was really boring because Christine and Ray hung out with Dustin and I did absolutely nothing. Ray came with us home and we stopped at Christines to drop her off. I discovered what was wrong with Christine’s computer, so I got all my friends a free dinner at Christine’s sometime. Ray then came with us and we setup for the Fall Fair. Today I worked at the Fall Fair, and Kelly came with Dillon and her friend Emily. It was okay then. I then left and went and did my Red Tag Day with Cadets and came back to my house, where I hung out with Ray, Kelly, and Dillon. We had dinner, sat around and sat around. When Kelly, and Ray and Dillon were leaving, they all left the living room, and Kelly and I hugged. In a sense, it’s weird and differentish… It isn’t…well… forget it. We had a great time. I just am kinda pissed off because of Ray. He flirts with everyone. It seems that Ray and Kelly would be a good couple, but it just doesn’t seem right. Oh yeah, Elaine broke up with Ray last week. I hate it when Ray plays games with Kelly. I keep praying for her, and I still wonder if she and Elaine are friends anymore beacuse Elaine called her a slut. On the bus on the way to the Collectors Den, Christine said she is sluttish because she flirts with Ray. I think that is half true. That she shouldn’t do that stuff with Ray, and I just hated it when Christine called Kelly a slut. I don’t know… When she said that, I seemed to shut up and be very pissed off. I was that way for the rest of the night, and some of today. I hate people insulting Kelly, and I love Kelly. I am trying to call Christine now, beacuse I wanna talk to someone, and Ray and Kelly are on their way home now, so yeah… I am gonna go so I can call Christine before Ray calls for Jay to DM him. I just hope I can get through to her this time.

– Kelly Lover

P.S. I got off the phone now. I have been talking with Christine about all our friends and our problems. I told her the reason I shut up for 2 whole years. She told me many things too. We can talk to eachother about anything. We have decided that Me, Her, Sean, and Ray will go spend the day together sometime to get open with eachother, and then talk to Ray about his change. He has changed due to the ‘Girl Rush’, when he met Elain and others. I don’t think a P.S. should be this long so I’m gonna go think in my head, and not on paper right now.

Sunday, November 11th, 2001

Today was boring. I did nothing, saw no one, and played Jetpack and Diablo 2. It’s late, I’ve done nothing and wasted my day, but I have a busy day tomorrow, so Goodnight.

– Bored…

Saturday, November 10th, 2001

Hmmm… pretty interesting day. I went to school like normal, but after school I waited an hour and fifteen minutes for dad to come. He did the purposely and forgot to tell us. Fader and Spencer came over and they are spending the night here. Well, I got on the computer but quickly got kicked off by mom when she reminded me that we had to leave immediately. we got in the van and I got a double teen burger and onion rings from A&W. She then dropped me off, just as I finished at some 7-11. I waited and then we left. Me, Huen, Hanson, and Laidler got driven by Listmore. We drove for an hour or two. And then we arrived at the Department of National Defense for Western Canada. We came here for a cadet meeting. Five cadets were chosen from each core in the Lower Mainland and we met here. The building was huge. The entire base was a lot larger than the building too. The meeting was crappy, but I learned a few more things. On the ride home we took back streets and were looking at all the sluts downtown. It was funny. Well… I got home, and yeah… I am proud to have been in that building, let alone on the base. On the rides there and back though, I was thinking about Kelly. I just want to be with her. I really should go to sleep, it’s past 1am… Goodnight.

– Army Man