Hmmm… pretty interesting day. I went to school like normal, but after school I waited an hour and fifteen minutes for dad to come. He did the purposely and forgot to tell us. Fader and Spencer came over and they are spending the night here. Well, I got on the computer but quickly got kicked off by mom when she reminded me that we had to leave immediately. we got in the van and I got a double teen burger and onion rings from A&W. She then dropped me off, just as I finished at some 7-11. I waited and then we left. Me, Huen, Hanson, and Laidler got driven by Listmore. We drove for an hour or two. And then we arrived at the Department of National Defense for Western Canada. We came here for a cadet meeting. Five cadets were chosen from each core in the Lower Mainland and we met here. The building was huge. The entire base was a lot larger than the building too. The meeting was crappy, but I learned a few more things. On the ride home we took back streets and were looking at all the sluts downtown. It was funny. Well… I got home, and yeah… I am proud to have been in that building, let alone on the base. On the rides there and back though, I was thinking about Kelly. I just want to be with her. I really should go to sleep, it’s past 1am… Goodnight.

– Army Man

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