On Sunday, I did the Remembrance Day ceremony with Cadets, and went to Squires Monday. At Squires, Ray became Chief Squire, and I became Deputy Chief. I had Cadets on Tuesday, and went to Collectors Den with Christine, Ray, Jay, Brian, Colin, and Dave. It was really boring because Christine and Ray hung out with Dustin and I did absolutely nothing. Ray came with us home and we stopped at Christines to drop her off. I discovered what was wrong with Christine’s computer, so I got all my friends a free dinner at Christine’s sometime. Ray then came with us and we setup for the Fall Fair. Today I worked at the Fall Fair, and Kelly came with Dillon and her friend Emily. It was okay then. I then left and went and did my Red Tag Day with Cadets and came back to my house, where I hung out with Ray, Kelly, and Dillon. We had dinner, sat around and sat around. When Kelly, and Ray and Dillon were leaving, they all left the living room, and Kelly and I hugged. In a sense, it’s weird and differentish… It isn’t…well… forget it. We had a great time. I just am kinda pissed off because of Ray. He flirts with everyone. It seems that Ray and Kelly would be a good couple, but it just doesn’t seem right. Oh yeah, Elaine broke up with Ray last week. I hate it when Ray plays games with Kelly. I keep praying for her, and I still wonder if she and Elaine are friends anymore beacuse Elaine called her a slut. On the bus on the way to the Collectors Den, Christine said she is sluttish because she flirts with Ray. I think that is half true. That she shouldn’t do that stuff with Ray, and I just hated it when Christine called Kelly a slut. I don’t know… When she said that, I seemed to shut up and be very pissed off. I was that way for the rest of the night, and some of today. I hate people insulting Kelly, and I love Kelly. I am trying to call Christine now, beacuse I wanna talk to someone, and Ray and Kelly are on their way home now, so yeah… I am gonna go so I can call Christine before Ray calls for Jay to DM him. I just hope I can get through to her this time.

– Kelly Lover

P.S. I got off the phone now. I have been talking with Christine about all our friends and our problems. I told her the reason I shut up for 2 whole years. She told me many things too. We can talk to eachother about anything. We have decided that Me, Her, Sean, and Ray will go spend the day together sometime to get open with eachother, and then talk to Ray about his change. He has changed due to the ‘Girl Rush’, when he met Elain and others. I don’t think a P.S. should be this long so I’m gonna go think in my head, and not on paper right now.

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