Christine got her report card, and she’s getting 42% in math. Her dad grounded her and took a lot of stuff from her room. She called me and she was crying. This means she can’t come skating, and there might not be a dinner on Sunday for when I come back from Water Ray. I am going to pack tomorrow. On Thursday, I will go home with Ray to his house from the Parent-Teacher’s Conferences. We’ll then go skating in Surrey with Kelly, Nate, Colin, and anyone else who wants to come. Erin might come too. I don’t know what we’ll do after that, but I’ll spend the night at Ray’s and go to see Harry Potter at Silver City Coquitlam where Jason will meet us. Kelly and Erin will be there. I saw the movie already so I hope Kelly don’t wanna see it if you know what I mean. Well, after the movie, I’ll get picked up and brought home to eat, and then go down to the drill hall for Water Rat. It’ll be a fun weekend.

– Just A Guy

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