Water Rat was pretty fun except for the lack of sleep and I.M.P.’s. I walked a lot. It didn’t rain. Pavel Mirski was my hooch partner (tent partner). It was fun. On Thursday, I went to a skate arena with Ray, Christine, and Nate. It was closed so we walked to Lougheed Mall. We hung around there for a while and then walked to Ray’s where Ray, Christine, and I went to the Parent-Teacher’s Conferences, and then to Christine’s to watch ‘Swordfish‘ It was good. Christine gave me a computer while I was there. It’s a 4 MB ram, 1.33 GB Hard drive, and a 386. It’s got lots of cool games though. Ray then came to my house where we spent the night and then we went to Surry with Christine, and Jason. We met Erin, Elaine, and Kelly there. Nothing happened. It was boring. We went to the movie store, then Kelly’s, then bowling, then Elain’s house, then home. I only said ‘Hi’ to Kelly once and got a short hug at the end. I talked with Elaine and Christine, and it was good. I didn’t like some of the stuff they said about Kelly, but it was a good talk. We all left and went home after that. I called Ray later, and we had the talk about everything which I had meant to have for a while. I went to Water Rat, and had fun patroling. I came back today and talked to Kelly a half-hour ago. I told her that we should do something this weekend because we need to talk. She agreed. I mentioned it again later and she agreed then aswell. We really need to be more open if we want a good relationship.

– Thinker

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