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Friday, November 9th, 2001

Damn, I’ve been pissed off the last couple of days. On the 6th, I called Kelly after I went to Cadets. She told me that she can’t see me anymore, and that we might get back together later. She said “I like you Paul.” I remember that. That night I didn’t sleep very well. I had a lone tear come to my eye that night. I remember wanting to cry, because I was so upset. I remember standing in the same spot for a half an hour thinking, after we hung up. I was and still am pretty upset. I just hope we get back together. I remember last night too. I had another tear come to my eye. I still want to cry, but I can’t. I just don’t like it very much. I remember it just so well, but it makes me sad and mad. The last couple of days have been crap. She broke up with me because Elaine and Kyle called her a Slut for not waiting after breaking up with Kyle. I don’t know wether or not to hate Elaine now. I don’t want to, but it feels a little better if I do. I don’t hate her now, and I don’t want to. I have talked to Ray, but we don’t really talk, we just… I duno, but it doesn’t really help. I told Christine today, and she doesn’t think that I shouold hate Elaine, and ehs seems very understanding. It helps to talk to her. I can’t remember why, but I told Colin, and we talked about the first day we met her.

– Paul

Tuesday, November 6th, 2001

I wrote my math exam this morning, and finished early and did very well, or so I think. Then I wrote my French exam which I probably just barely passed. There were 100 multiple choice! That is the most I have ever had. Well, I finished the exam and walked home instead of waiting two hours until school finished and mom picked me up. When I got home I played Red Faction, and then get kicked off. I then was really bored so I called Ray, Christine, Niki, Kelly, and considered calling Adrienn. I only actually talked with Niki, but it was short. Everyone else wan’t home, or was busy. Eventually Kelly called me from where she was babysitting. I talked with my mom later, and I am now able to invite 3 people to the Remembrance day ceremony with Cadets, and then bring them to my house for a while. Hmmm… I am obviously inviting Kelly, Ray, and Elaine. I am going to rent a video, and we will watch it probably downstairs. I don’t really know when I should tell my parents that we are going out, but I don’t intend to tell them before Sunday. I was really bored today so I cleaned my whole room too, so I was REALLY bored! Well I gotta go to sleep now in my really clean room, so… Goodnight!

– Clean Man

Monday, November 5th, 2001

Today was pretty interesting. I woke up and went to church, then came home after. I got my French books out and studied for an hour and a half. That is the second time I have ever studied in my life. I don’t think it helped very much though. I then called a lot of people, like Ray, Christine, Niki, and Kelly. My talks with Ray were okay, but short. It was fun talking with Christine, and I found her movie Dune, which I have had for several months. Niki was never home, and Kelly… well. The first call I got an answer, and she was out at the market, and would be back in fifteen minutes. I called back in a half-hour and there was no answer, I called several times each hour for the next nine hours and still no-one was home. Eventually, Jason was on the phone with Ray, so I took the phone, and found out Kelly was calling about now. I hung up and waited. I made real sure that no one was on the phone. Eventually the phone rang, and it was for mom. Finally she finished and I waited… then Kelly called! We talked for about ten minutes, and it turns out she had gone to her grandma’s for the day. Anyways, we talked and I invited her to the fall-fair, my cadet remembrance day parade, and then I asked if she wanted to go see a movie next Saturday. She wants to go see Monster Inc., so I guess it’s a date. I hope it stays with just me and her going. It took nine hours, but I finally got my date.

– Dude

Sunday, November 4th, 2001

Wow! This has been a really good weekend. It all started out with school on Friday. For some reason, I was early for every class, by at least five minutes. It was weird. Well, after school, I bussed out to Ray’s and then went to see “The One” with Ray, Nate, and Colin. It was a cool concept. I talked with Kelly on the phone that night too. I hardly slept that night and I lay on Ray’s floor this morning for three hours awake until they woke up. Ray and I then skytrained over and met Kelly at the station before Surrey Central, I think it was gateway or something. Well, after that we got back on the skytrain and went to Surrey Central and then bussed out to Holy Cross. We held hands from the bus ride until we got to Kelly’s house later. Holy Cross lost to Saint Thomas More’s 35-0. It was pretty bad. We watched the first half, but we were talking and hugging the second half. Near the end, I was trying to make her wear my coat because she was cold. I had one hand holding the coat shut on her, and the other around her back. It was fun and we both enjoyed it. We got a ride with Erin over to Kelly’s house then. We then went downstairs and we went into the “TV” room and we sat there. We played cards, and then went to her room and lay there. We then had to leave, so Kelly walked Ray and I to the bus stop. We then waited and talked. We then bussed to the skytrain station, and then took the skytrain to the station and then took the skytrain to the other side of the river, where I bought beef jerky and then got a ride from Ray’s mom back to his house, where I got picked up by my dad, and brought back home. I am waiting for Kelly to call me so I can ask her out next saturday, or I will call her tomorrow.

– Paul
P.S. Well, I just watched Shrek, and it was really good, but I haven’t got a call form Kelly yet, so I’ll try tomorrow.

Friday, November 2nd, 2001

Well, today in Dungeons and Dragons Deathawk and Shadowhawk slayed five dragons with stats times five, and converted one. I also started and finished my character in Jay’s “testing” for his world. In life however, I got out of selling poppies and instead am going to a football game at Holy Cross with Kelly, Ray, + Elaine. It’ll be fun. Kelly will probably wear my coat again. I only have it because mom wants me to wear it, and Kelly likes wearing it. I should go to sleep now. I will be at Ray’s tomorrow night so I can’t write, but I’ll write about it the following night.

– Guy

Thursday, November 1st, 2001

Today was really fun. Kelly came over to Elaines a few minutes after I got there from school. We sat around for a while. I helped carve Erin’s pumpkin. I didn’t manage to buy a ‘fro wig when I went to the dentists. When we left Elaines to Trick-or-Treat, Kelly and I were always last because we didn’t want to trick-or-treat. We were at the back the whole time though. We talked a lot and held hands. I got enough candy. I also found out about the afro wig which Kelly has.When we got back to Elaines we went through our candy and traded and threw away the gross stuff. We then watched a movie. We held hands under my coat which she wore trick-or-treating.

– lover boy