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Europe Trip Journal: Day 49

Friday, September 30th, 2005

Woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. After, we went with Heidie out and we saw the ports. Huge container ships! We took a tour boat. Next we wandered for a while and saw the rest of the city. Nothing really in particular, except for City Hall. We had spaghetti for dinner then shortly after went upstairs.

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– Paulish
…Random Movie Idea

Wearing headphones backwards makes the music come out backwards.

Europe Trip Journal: Day 48

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

Woke up to find out Ray stayedup all night on the laptop making a character. we got off at the main station in Hamburg. Met up with Tante Eva and she brought us home. We had some food for breakfast and met Heidie.

Later, Ray and Dan fell asleep for a while. I went out with Heidie and we saw Blankenesa. We took some good photos, and ran back to the car, just in time to not be rained on.

Later, Ray and Dan woke up. We ate dinner, then slowly mingled upstairs where we are staying. We are at their neighbors! She is a teacher. Ray and I stayed up a while to min-max.

– Paulish

Europe Trip Journal: Day 47

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Woke up at 7:30 and went upstairs alone to eat from the free buffet breakfast! I ate a lot, then went back downstairs and back to sleep. The alarm went off at 8:30, so we all went upstairs for breakfast and I ate another whole meal! It was awesome.

We checked out and wandered around town, stopped in computer stores, knife stores, and hit Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The net cafe was next, followed by a long wait in the train station. Say about 6 and a half hours. That brings our estimated total up to 39 hours of waiting for trains. Slept on the train.

– Paulish


Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

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Wicked Awesome Euro-Trip Online Journals
by Paul Romein
September 27, 2005 at 3:19pm, Germany time

So imagine the PNE…with free entrance. Tonnes of people in costume. More rides. More lights on the rides. And among all the crazyness outside with people walking around both sober and drunk, there are like ten massive tents spead out across the fair ground. These are the beer tents! Inside, there are people standing on their chairs and singing, dancing, and drinking from their stiens! Loud musicians playing up on a stage! They are old, young, costumed, not-costumed, sober, and drunk! The servers are running around like busy bee’s carying 8 stiens in each hand. They are so busy that they completely ignore you if you try to talk to them! It was pretty funny cause we were like…okay, we’re here. There is the beer. How do we get to it? We figured we had to sit down and they would serve us or something so we looked everywhere for room to sit! Not a freaking spot anywhere! We left that tent and went to another! Still no room! We went through almost a half-dozen tents and there was no room! It took a while, as we walked towards the roller-coasters, but we eventually managed to find a spot where we parked ourselves.

Europe Trip Journal: Day 46

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Woke up from about five hours of sleep. I called Nate when he got off work… 4:30 home time, 1:30am here. we talked for a good long time. He is keeping busy with work.

We ate breakfast as a family, as usual, and said our goodbyes. At least for 10 months until Shuswap next year!

Intermission on the train

You can tell a lot about a man if you look in his refrigerator.”
– Patrick Drotos

Patrick said many things while we were there. Many times I found myself facinated at all the information we retained. I am going to write out a few things I remember!

  • Someone will come along in your life and take you in as his pupil. He is looking to teach you, train you, and help you make money or make you big. Remember that he is doing this in hopes of you bringing him with you! Follow him for maybe two years. Suck all the info you can out of him. Ask anything you can think of. Network with people through him.
  • Being multicultural is such an awesome advantage. With any job you do, it allows you to market yourself to a whole nothing nation. you then have twice the opportunity. It can also be a reason to charge more money for a more personalized service in a foreign country.
  • Education is invaluable. Once you have a degree, it is your property. It is always yours. A certification in an area isn’t all that great because you have to keep re-certifying and paying money to a company to keep the certification. the more education the better.

On the train ride, I saw at one point a girl walking with some friends and she was waving. I saw it. If you think about it, I mean about the things that happened for me to see this, it is amazing. Right?

Second, I saw the end to a tall series of power lines.

End of Pat’s stuff

People are relative,
Family is absolute.

End of Intermission

Patrick drove us to Frankfurt where we caught a train to Munich. we booked an overnight train out which costs 66 euros for all 3 of us.

Next, we went looking for beds! We checked 3 hostels nearby, but didn’t get into any. I wrote long emails about the situation.

We eventually booked a room in a four star hotel for 60 euros each! The hostels were in the upper 30’s.

We dumped our bags at the hotel and got to an internet cafe.

Next was the good part. We went down to the Oktoberfest celebrations! Imagine PNE with no entrance fee, everyone in costumes, and huge tents full of people singing, dancing, and most importantly, drinking beer by the litres. It was an experience I will never forget. We drank 3 litres in a few hours in a smaller tent! It was 7 euro per litre stien. We stumbled home and crashed. Memory at the end is very little.

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– Paulish

Europe Trip Journal: Day 45

Monday, September 26th, 2005

Woke up and had a very nice bun breakfast as usual in Germany. Us men took off shortly after and we went to Castle Frankenstein. Next we went to Heidelberg. They were both very picturesque. We ran into a small festival at the bottom and the band was fairly good. I filmed parts of them.

Another highlight was hitting 185+ on the Autobon. I got a picture…

We had an awesome flavourful dinner and we chilled around for several hours before the kids went to bed.

DC: 2 (139)

– Paulish