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Europe Trip Journal: Day 72

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

First whole day in Glasgow. We liked the gaming place we had to come back! We explored the town for a while first, then gamed for 4 hours! The town has such cool shops, like with geek stuff in it. The town is filled with freaks and geeks, and a little bit of posh.

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– Paulish

Europe Trip Journal: Day 71

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

I guess one could say we woke up. But we couldn’t really because we didn’t actually sleep! I had maybe 2 hours made up of 15 minute segments!

We got off the bus and wandered aimlessly around town in hopes of finding a cheap place to stay.

The son was just rising.

We found some big name hotels because they are the ones with the biggest signs! They directed us to a Travel Lodge hotel. It was full, but we took a taxi to another one across town where we checked in. The lady was nice and let us go up right away to sleep instead of waiting til like 3pm ish!

The lady suggested we could walk across the parking lot to a restaurant for a breakfast special. And we were hungry. We paid 22 pounds for 3 breakfast plates with 3 orange juice! That’s over $40 Canadian for three to eat a regular breakfast! We will never go there again!

We got back and slept til about 6pm!

We wandered into town and found a gaming cafe! It’s a sweet place! It’s got a ton of new computers and sweet games to play! Everyone can get the first hour free so we signed up and did our email for free!

Later, we went to McDonalds and ate for cheaper, then headed back to the hotel where we killed time then hit the sack. We checked into one more night at the Hotel thing because we are still unsuccessful at contacting Ray’s family in Paisley. Which is 15 minutes from here.

– Paulish

Europe Trip Journal: Day 70

Friday, October 21st, 2005

We woke up to our alarm that woke us up in time for the breakfast! We had the traditional English breakfast! It was amazing. Later, we walked down to the bus loop and waited around several hours. We got on the bus and we went north. I had a fair bit of time to think as the shaking of this bus keeps me up:

Funny how cars drive on the other side here. And how we laughed when I told Dan and Ray that socks are made from braiding Fibre-optics together multiple times.

Brilliant! New movie idea: Randomism

It’s not sexism or racism, it’s just random.

Ray was lying down in a corner behind a seat, but infront of the washroom. Later, a different guy lay down there and as if for no reason, the staff guy asked him to move!

Europe Trip Journal: Day 69

Thursday, October 20th, 2005

we missed breakfast due to a plesant sleep. We took our time, and wandered into town and milled about. We got a ticket for the bus up to Paisley and I picked up an adapter for the power plug so I can use the laptop! We found a huge chess set and I played Ray, but lost badly.

Ray and Dan went to internet and paid 6 pounds for one hour of internet, each! That’s $12 Canadian for ONE HOUR! I thought that was a little outrageous so I went back to the B&B. After they came back we sat around for the rest of the day. We watched Starship Troopers on TV, and I started coding a complete list of feats from all the D&D books.

– Paulish

Europe Trip Journal: Day 68

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

Walked back to the ferry. Boarded. I went above deck a little ways into our six our journey. Did some inward thinking:

  1. I need to do what I like to do, not what pays me the best money. I have to quit my job and take up video production, and maybe a little web-design! I will never be happy if I don’t start to make choices like that while I am young.

  2. Next, I need to realize that as much as a I love women, there is nothing wrong with being single for a time! Now, that doesn’t mean anything on its own. I am trying to say that I haven’t come across anyone yet who it looks like I will spend my life with. Love is blind, especially when you are in it.

  3. As I was looking yonder into the vast emptyness over the water, I noticed at one point a bird flying parallel to our ferry, mind you, a ways behind us. It drew closer. As fast as our man-made ferry was powering through the water, this God-made bird was easily out-doing our vessel.

    What joy it would be to be that bird.

  4. The surface level of the water is lucky. Out of the immensity of the oceans, only that top layer gets to feel the air. It gets to experience one thing that we take so much for granted. It makes me wonder just one question.

    How much of the water in this world has never touched the surface, but instead looms as a virgin in the deeps?

  5. Where do movie ideas come from? First I should ask the question where do ideas come from! Solitude? Music? Discussions? Experiences?

    I think it’s all of the above, and maybe a few more. When I am reading this back to myself, I want to ask myself a few questions: When is the last time I had some proper solitude time? Was it in nature?

    What is the most recent sony I listened to? Why did I listen to it and what is it all about? How about one of my favourite songs right now?

    Who did I actually talk to last. I mean actual good conversation about something meaningful, like an idea. Where were you talking?

    What was a really recent thing you experienced? Was it good or bad? It helped you progress as a person. That last sentence was not my question. This is my life.

  6. Believing in God is good for me.

    Even if the whole religion thing is a really well done hoax, someone built something that is helpful to ourselves. I believe it is so great that it must’ve been built by God himself.

    Every Sunday, for just one hour, we all go to mass. I sit and don’t really pay attention too much, and I get to think about anything. I have thought about anything. I believe we need to sit and think for at least that one hour on top of whenever else we decide to.

    Being reverent to certain people and things teaches us how to b erespectful. We learn thig from a young age.

    The laws, such as the ten commandments are set as laws. Rules that shall not be broken. This is because if God had them as “wait until you are ready” or whatever, we as humans could bend the text.

…back to my story, we got off the ferry and wandered into town at sunset. We booked into a bed and breakfast for 15 pounds per person. We paid for two nights. We went out and had two pints of Guiness at a local pub. We had a nice relaxed evening and went back to the B&B and slept!

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- Paulish

Europe Trip Journal: Day 67

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

Metro to Train. Train to Bus. Bus, then walk. No ferry departures this evening. Crap. We booked one for tomorrow, re-planned a little, then went in search of a hotel. It took a very long time, but we found one, then we ate out at a fancy resturant, steak…

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– Paulish