Fall Fair

Today we had our annual Fall Fair at our parish!

Last night we spent a few hours cleaning up after the usual parish Bingo, then we set-up all the games and decorations!

At 8:30 in the morning, bright and early, we gathered to get ready for the fair! My youth group ran the games inside the gym, but this year was different! For my first time, I was no longer a member, but instead a counsellor! It was easier work, I thought, compared to the other years when I was working it. Supervising is much easier I found haha!

Out in another building, another parish group was selling donated items on behalf of the parish! I donated a few items, and saw a few of them being taken away by happy customers! I managed to pick up a 27 inch TV for $25! I brought it home a bit later and it fits JUST BARELY downstairs where our old TV was. It looks really pro!

The fair ran really smoothly, and we brought in a good chunk of money for our youth group!

Later that evening, I drove out to our city hall and sat and watched the election results come in. I had been contracted by Shaw to report the results to them! As each of the 10 polls came in, I had to call my contact and read out the number of votes for each candidate. There wasn’t any change in my city, but there were some big changes in neighboring cities!

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  1. Missy The Moo Says:

    MOoOoOo oh yes, the good ol’ fall fairs at the church. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I want cheese!