New Game

Last night we started a new game where we got to play 12th level characters! I made a 1st lvl Rogue, 11th level Monk….I gave him a monks belt and Gauntlets of the Talon or something…basically my monk unarmed damage and AC is 5 levels higher for each of those! That makes 21st level unarmed damage and AC! It’s pretty sweet combine with my Flurry of blows…

Base: +8/+8/+8/+3

Each attack gets +5 from my 20 strength and +5 from Magic Fang which I had cast permanent on both hands.

That gives me the four attacks at +18’s and a +13!

I got enlarge person cast permanent on me, bringing me to large size. Ergo, the 4d8 damage with my fists. Not to mention, I get the extra 6d6 damage from the Rogue’s sneak attack ability because my rogue and monk levels stack when determining it…Ascetic Monk feat or something =)

So when I am flanking, I get three attacks at +18 and one at +13, all dealing 8d4+6d6+10 damage! Oh, and those gauntlets make my fists count as magic and that one where I can attack ghosts and stuff! And the Ki Strike being Adamantine could help out if I needed it =P

Heh heh…

We encountered a Frost Giant, and I just charged at 100 feet to deal 53 damage! This half-orc NPC with a great-axe charged too and critically hit (with his x3 modifer) to deal only 54 damage!

The rest of the party went, and the only other damage dealt was about 30ish from a lightning bolt…I got hit for like 40 damage for being the biggest threat.

My turn came, I hit on THREE of the four attacks…(damn rolling a one)…and I doubled the damage count on him, bringing it up to about 280ish. He died. I danced.

My DM hates me. =P

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