Louix XIV

This morning I woke up to my alarm cranked up on volume…However, I may have just fallen right back to sleep if I hadn’t noticed the sound…it was a song from Louis XIV. At last year’s Whistler’s Film contest, I got an all-access media pass and I went and talked to these guys and they got signed a music release form for my team. We used two of their songs in our final video, and they were pretty key parts since we had nothing to put in place of them!

They gave me their cell numbers, and I was supposed to call them and send them a copy of what we made, but I recieved no answer whenever I called. I think I left a message, but it was months ago. Maybe if I saw them again….whatever…I still got the cell numbers =P

Yea, I realize that it was 7:15am, and the radio was just playing a filler song to kill time to get up to their 8am popular time slot. But it was still cool! I’ve heard them two or three times before on the radio too.

2 Responses to “Louix XIV”

  1. momok Says:

    shit! you’re lucky. i love louis XIV’s songs! were they nice fellas?

  2. Paulish Says:

    They were great guys! Finger 11 was back there too, but they were kinda jerks to us. They kept ignoring us and stuff.

    Louis XIV even gave us a free CD to rip the tracks off of…lol Great guys!