Yesterday, I woke up at 7:15 and transcoded a video I had rendered over night into wmv format and threw it onto the web. I sent Clay an email and he reviewed it while I was at work.

I worked for just over 8 hours, then drove home. When I got home, I used the feedback from Clay to fix up the video, as well as finish editing. It was only a draft I had done up. I was home by 5pm, edited for 3 hours with a dinner break. Rendered that one, then edited another video to go on the same tape. When all was complete, it was 2am, but I had the final MiniDV in my hand for Clay.

It was a good 8am-2am (18 hours) work day yesterday. I’m a little tired from the five hours of sleep on either side of that day. But I’m glad I got the tape done =) He should be picking it up from me in about an hour.

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