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Minesweeper Dilema

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Yesterday, I got Jason, my brother, to post this thread on a forum he frequents. I am stuck in minesweeper at the very end of the game and I’m taking a vote on which box I should hit.

People are voting on it and currently it’s:
4 people say the mine is on the left
4 people say its on the right
9 people say im screwed.

So really…that’s 8 people that think I can get it right…. ;)


damnit…people just voted “you’re screwed” a few more times. That means that 8 people think it’s possible, and 12 are now against me =(

Silly Puddy

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Oh man…Is anybody cirious what people at Google spend their hard-earned money on? Maybe Sergey and Larry would like to know more about what their employee’s do? Or maybe those two purchased some themselves =P

My Five Days of Christmas

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Well, I had a crazy awesome Christmas this year! All the way leading up to Christmas, it didn’t feel at all like the season. Even on Christmas day and stuff, it wasn’t Christmasy enough. But somehow now that it is all over, I feel the season.

On Thursday last week, I had my last day of work! In the evening, Nate and Kelly showed up at my place while I was waiting for Nicola to come! It was quite a plesant surprise. We went over to the Blacks’ Castle and picked up Ray and Nate and brought them down to the movies with us. It was kinda crappy when we got there because all the fast-lanes were busted, so we jumped into the main line…which was already friggin huge! Then we waited a few minutes, not moving before overhearing that ALL their machines were down. We stood around for a while, but eventually they got them working…5 minutes into our movie. I darted over to a machine when it was working as soon as I could, and I was one of the first people to get tickets once the machines were back up. I got 5 tickets and I’m not sure when people will pay me back….maybe it’s a Christmas gift lol

We saw Syriana. It wasn’t too bad. I’m sure we would have enjoyed a better pick though.

Anyways, the highlight of my evening was after the movie because after I dropped off Ray at his place, I Nicola and I got talking in the car. Then we ended up going to Tim Hortons and we talked and talked. It was great to talk to her because of many reasons, but I think it was good because we’re in fairly similar situations. She too has a good office job like me which makes for a good income. I haven’t talked to her in such a long time about anything really, but I have never talked to her about anything deep. We went on and on, and after a couple hours at Tim Hortons, we drove back to my place and she took her car and went home.

The next day, Friday, I booked off work because it was the only “available” (yes, only available after I booked it off) day to film for the new promo video. I was up late for some reason…not quite sure why at the moment…but I woke up at 11am and Clay was over at 11:15am….phew…close one =P I think I even had to set my alarm to get up on-time…haha! We lucked out on the rain cause it stopped for a couple hours exactly when we needed it, and we were able to film. We spent maybe two hours filming, and Clay bought me lunch at A&W =) We chatted for a while there before heading back to my place. Together, we laid a rough draft down on the timeline and uploaded the film from today and put it very roughly together. After Clay left, I was scheduled to go snowboarding up at Cypress with my cousins, Cassandra and Paige, because they were down from Grand Forks for Christmas! However, due to lack of snow, the mountain was closed. =( I did something that evening, but I’m not quite sure what…but I was up late doing a TMM project…say 6am…so I woke up at like 1 or 2pm on Christmas Eve.

There was a little kafuffle about something, but it was resolved and my whole family drove down and picked Jason up from work at 6:00, and we drove straight out to Corrine and Hans’ place. We had a great visit with all our family there on my Dad’s side. I think all of my cousins were there on my Dad’s side. I remember we played a bit of Jenga…it was crazy =P It’s so nice to hang out with them all. Dinner was amazing and dessert was even better! I was in food heaven! For a gift, I got the Jack Johnson CD, In Between Dreams, which happens to be the only Jack Johnson CD that I didn’t really need because I already got that one on my computer. We got home around 1am, and went straight to sleep!

Christmas morning wasn’t as magical as other years, but it was sitll nice. It took us all a while to gather…someone was always missing and off doing something. Eventually, we all got together and we managed to unwrap half of our gifts before mass. After mass, we finished the other half before Izumi came with Daihi and M-something…I forget the girl’s name. Izumi was an exchange student from Japan who stayed with my family almost ten years ago. We have been in contact since then and she has recently moved here with her two kids to live for a while. Her husband is still in Japan however. Basically they don’t have any real family over here in Canada and we are good friends with her so we invited them over to celebrate Christmas Day. We had a nice visit, and later, Rita and John showed up with Karys! Later, Izumi headed home, and a bit later again, more of my Mom’s side of the family came over. We had a nice evening with my Mom’s side of the family and the food was good once again! I see where Seth comes from in the OC when he talks about good food. =P

Oh, for Christmas I got a shirt, a watch, the PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus, a sweet air mattress, tonnes of Chocolate, and more! Some of these items are more complicated than they sound…such as the watch ;) ask me sometime. Or maybe you’ll see my picture on

That night, I stayed up with my siblings. Just the four of us, playing a new board game of Jason’s called the Settlers of Catan. It was awesome. I won the first game which ran from midnight to 3am. It was so good that we started another game and we finished at 5am.

The next morning, we all woke up around 1pm, which is when our open house started! People came and people went, and it was busy busy at my house. At some points, we easily had 30 people visiting. Quite a bit of the time, we were downstairs teaching that game, Settlers of Catan, to some of the other guys. Later, Kathleen drove me out to pick up Jason from work, then we picked up Nate and brought them home. Nate spent the nite so we were able to play a game of Settlers with him, and also get in some OC. We’re watching the Season 2 set because we couldn’t watch it on TV. We watched a really good episode, The Blaze of Glory! Marissa and Ryan are almost back-together. They are the couple I am rooting for, while Nate is rooting for Summer and Seth…who recently got back together!

The next morning, I woke up at 9:30 and drove Nate to work for 10am. I went in with him and bought two Jack Johnson CD’s (On and On & Thicker Than Water) because I didn’t get them for Christmas. I still need to find a few of his other ones. At home, I had a nice morning to myself because everyone else was sleeping in. I edited some of the Spirit Day Promo Video I’m working on, and played a few more games of Settlers of Catan with Petrin, Brian, Jason and later two games with Ray, Nagle, and Jason. It went late…like 1am…so when I got back around to editing the video, it was really late. I edited for about an hour and a bit and started a render before hitting the sack at 2:30am.

I woke up bright and early…well, not so bright. It was still dark out. Actually, there was still no sign of the sun when I came into work. Anyways, I dropped Nate off at his house this morning on my way here. And now that I am at work, I have the time to write up this huge post to let everyone and no-one know how my Christmas went. It was five days off work that were the greatest five since Europe.

Filmmaker Showdown

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

The dates have just been announced!

The Filmmaker Showdown kicks off with the start of the festival on Friday, April 14th.

The following 72 hours are a time for us to create a masterpiece.

A masterpiece to be proud of.

Made by a team to be proud of.

Not a Supercomputer

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Back several years ago…early high-school or something, I remember thinking of how some huge company like Microsoft would one-day set up one huge supercomputer where everyone around the world could store all their data. I was thinking that like 50 years into the future, we could access our personal data from anywhere because it’s all stored in that one place! Like our MP3’s playing out of our ear-implant’s would stream wirelessly from this supercomputer and stuff…

Well, that idea has changed a little…in the way that creating a supercomputer isn’t the way to go. Instead create many many clusters of many computers around the world. It’s the way Google does all their storage and it just seems to make so much sense! Here’s a link to Google’s rough description. They have it right.

It will be a great day when we can access all of our data from anywhere securely =P

Refining the Sentence

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

I was looking at taking Friday off to make a promo video. The thing was that I could earn more money by just sitting at work, but I still wanted to go do it. But why? The thing was that I wouldn’t earn as much money, but I still totally wanted to go film it =P

I wrote out a sentence about it and saved it…Then I looked at ways of shortening the term so that it could be written more efficiently or more philosophically. I like how it came out.

Sentence I would normally write:
It is in no way financially beneficial to me to take Friday off to make a YouthMin promo video, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing!

Shortened a little:
Even if it is in no way financially beneficial to me to do a project, that doesn’t mean that it is not worth doing!

Shortened quite a bit more:
If a project isn’t financially beneficial to me, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing!

An unprofitable project may still be worth doing.

Unprofitable projects may be worth doing.

Highlighted in red are the first appearances of the words that made up the final quote.