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Shaw Volunteer Cruise

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

A photo of me at the Shaw Volunteer Cruise, with me holding a gift that someone else won as if I had won it – it was funny because when the person who won it went to the washroom, like ten of us took photos on their camera with it for them to find later =P

Fencing Photos

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
I went fencing this evening with Fader as I do
now every week, and Jason came along and took some
photos, so I thought I’d share them on my blog =)

Enjoy, and please do leave a comment on how my form looks?

If you click on them they’ll come up bigger too if you want.

Urban Rush

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

I just had to post to let y’all know that yesterday was the first day of many to come where I’ll be workin on Shaw’s most popular show, Urban Rush. I was supposed to be just observing yesterday, but I ended up getting on camera and it was quite fun.

Here’s a link to their crummy little website:

I’m gonna try to post any big celebrities that come on the show while I’m there, and yesterday we filmed an interview with Backstreet Boy Howie D. Whoop-dee-doo….

My First Terabyte

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Well, I just finished some mod’s on one of my systems to up it to contain a single 1 terabyte drive! It’s built up of four 300GB drives to come to exactly 1.09 displayed in My Computer! I’ve got a screenshot up here for all you folks =P

Look at the “N” drive

I can’t wait until the day I laugh at how little THIS is…

A Look Back At How We Arrived At Windows XP

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Microsoft Operating Systems Based on the Windows 9x Kernel

November 1983 Windows First Announced
November 1985 Windows 1.0
April 1987 Windows 2.0
May 1990 Windows 3.0
April 1992 Windows 3.1
February 1994 Windows 3.11
August 1995 Windows 95
June 1998 Windows 98
May 1999 Windows 98 SE
November 1999 Windows Millennium Edition Beta 2
September 2000 Windows Me
In January 2001 Microsoft announced the demise of the Windows 9x kernel.
Microsoft Operating Systems Based on the Windows NT Kernel
August 1993 Windows NT 3.1
September 1994 Windows NT 3.5
June 1995 Windows NT 3.51
August 1996 Windows NT 4.0
September 1997 Windows NT 5.0 Beta 1
August 1998 Windows NT 5.0 Beta 2
April 1999 Windows 2000 Beta 3
July 1999 Windows 2000 RC 1
September 1999 Windows 2000 RC 2
November 1999 Windows 2000 RC 3
February 2000 Windows 2000
July 2000 Windows 2000 SP 1
August 2000 Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
October 2000 Windows Whistler Beta 1
March 2001 Windows XP Beta 2
June 2001 Windows XP RC 1
July 2001 Windows XP RC 2
August 2001 Windows XP RTM
October 25, 2001 Windows XP Home and Professional

Copied this “nifty” table from

Funny Email

Thursday, September 28th, 2006
I got this email forwarded to me from a source I’m not mentioning because it’s not really nessecary… I compeltely understand where he is coming from – believe me – but it’s still a little comical. Keep in mind that they DID recieve this email…lol

Hello Webmaster,

I hope this goes to the appropriate party.
***website address*** – This page contains contact
information, but no email address for ***company***. Don’t you guys have email?
You have a website, but you’d like me to mail a letter to you?

I’m sure you could put some kind of email address on that page, for
inquiries such as mine.

Secondly, i just browsed to your site today, to take a look at the bike i
got this year to show a friend. I got this message, ” You need to upgrade
your Flash Player. Please CLICK HERE to upgrade your flash player. It’s
easy, and will only take a minute or two.”

If i click on the link, i can download the following version:
Version: 7,0,68,0
Browser: Mozilla and Mozilla compatible

However, i already have that version installed. You see, i CANNOT upgrade
to flash 8, because i run Linux. (the Ubuntu distribution) Adobe does not
offer any newer version of flash then version 7 for Linux. Therefore, your
assertation that it would be ‘easy’ and ‘only take a minute or two’ is
really only true for Windows or Mac.

Please understand that Flash is not the World Wide Web. The WWW is a set of
open standards which are widely implemented by a large number of software
projects, both free and for-profit. Flash is not part of these standards,
and is really only usable by a small (but popular) set of software.

And so, as a perfect example of this, you have now alienated one of your
customers by choosing a technology that is not truly open, despite the fact
that the web was designed to be open from the beginning, to be a
platform-independent communication technology that would not require the
user to install proprietary software, of the correct version, which only
works on specific platforms.

I am annoyed an saddened at your choice not to use web standards, but
instead to use Flash for your website. Until Adobe gives me version 8, i
cannot view your site properly.

If you’ve read this far, i thank you. Convince the person in charge of your
website not to use Flash.