I’ve been working for this company since last december. After 90 days I get benefits. I still don’t have them.

I started out as “on-call”, so I wasn’t offered benefits. After a few months, they offered me a full time position, and I accepted with them knowing that I would go away for 3 months to Europe that fall. It would have worked out that only a matter of like 5 days after I left for Europe, I gained the benefits because I’d been working 90 days. However, since I was away for 3 months, it was like my employment was terminated for that time. Which means no official employment, which means no benefits. Not only that, but when I came back, my 90 day “trial period” started ALL OVER AGAIN. It’s been almost 14 months since I started here, and this 90 day trial thing hasn’t ended yet. If I put in my two-weeks notice today, I’d get two days with benefits.

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  1. Bia Says:

    Thanks, man. I appreciate the sympathy and the offer. I’d take you up on it if you were closer. Oh, and how are you feeling? Funny enough, I have been sneezing all day (the beginnings of a cold perhaps?) – is it possible to catch an internet cold? ha ha, i kill me.