Thanks Gramps

The starter on my car went again and so we’ve been left with just the truck for the past few days. My dad has been getting rides to his work with another fellow, while my mom spends around 3 hours each day driving all of us to where we need to go and picking us up.

This morning, my Dad got his usual ride to work, but he accidentally took the truck keys with him! Now of course we have a spare, but the thing is that his set has that beepy thing on it that disengages the alarm!

If that thing ever got broken we’d be screwed! Yikes…

But it’s not like my dad could even get home to give us the keys if he wanted to! He’s stuck 45 minutes away with our keys. I heard this from my bed and decided to smile and roll over and go back to sleep =P But my mom called around and got the other guys to school and eventually called grandpa and he drove out to my dads work, then back to our place with the keys, then had to zip out to wherever someone like him goes.

I woke up much later…like 10:20am, and got to work by 10:45. I had a chuckle explaining it to my boss =P

2 Responses to “Thanks Gramps”

  1. Just Rannin' Around Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Car troubles are the pits!

  2. Jacob Mathai Says:

    You should try making a film about gramps.