Mr Fix-it

What an evening….I get off work and come home to install the new starter in the car. Now, I’d never done this before and I’m no mechanic…but I managed to do it proudly without the manual =P

After which, I have a quick bite of dinner before heading out to the bank and then Megan’s house. she had been given a junky old computer from a friend who didnt want it and Megan thought that she might be able to add stuff to her new computer! Well, it was much too old…it had a 1055MB and a 850Mb hard drives. We basically used a few screws and stole the 40x CD-ROM…

For the intermission from the fix-it story, I picked up Jay from work, then played a good game of settlers of catan.

Then just twenty minutes ago, my brother came-up and told us the toilet was spitting out water. My dad had fallen asleep already so it came down to me. I still havent a freakin clue wtf is wrong with it, but I had to bucket the water, and mop it up with towels. I originally had quickly shut off all water to the house cause I knew already how to do that. Later I figured out that the toilet has a nob of its own that I turned off so people could brush their teeth and stuff. Basically I just left it all broken so yeah…it wasn’t really a “fix-it” to add to my story…but I did stop it from flooding downstairs while we all sleep! =P

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