Last Night’s Tale

So last night after work, I went with Nate and my brother Brian down to a free comedy show. There was a really good turn out. During the show, Nate mentioned that he wanted to go see a movie afterwards but I told him that he didn’t have the money and that we should stick to our plan of watching the last episode of season 2 of The OC. He was a tad disappointed…but it was a good comedy show so we laughed our asses off!

So comedy came to and end and a few people came over and we chatted for a while. Christine gave me some X-rays to scan in for her then said she had to run off cause she had a long drive home, I re-affirmed that Greg was coming tomorrow to the film contest, and we met the chick who works at the coffee shop because she was wearing a Betty shirt (from the Archie comics)! Now while I’m off chatting with these other people, Nate went off and asked Christine if she wanted to come to a movie with us. The movie that I told him we shouldn’t go to…you see my frustration…See now he’s got a girl that I’m interested in to come along so there is no way I can say no.

I dropped off my brother because he has to study or something, then I drove Nate and I out to the theatre. Christine had to drop off two friends before she headed over so she took some time. Meanwhile, I was arguing Nate’s movie pick.

Christine shows up and we take a good ten minutes at least to pick the movie. Nate is insistent on New World the whole time. I go on about how it’s Pocahontas non-animated, and he’s telling me it’s got swords, flaming bows, and etc…but it’s PG, so how much of that can there be. Eventually we go with Pocahontas.

Now this movie set everything up, and then went into a huge part about love between Pocahontas and the English man and I’m sitting here beside Christine…and I can’t concentrate on the movie because I’m thinking about her. Is there anything going on between us? She is racing through my head a zillion miles an hour. After a while, I give in and ask her if she would like to hold my hand. She says sure but it was reeking of uncertainty. I asked her if she liked me. Straight out: because it was killing me not knowing. Literally killing me. She says two words: “I’m undecided.”

After a few minutes of holding her hand, our hands separated.

I was very content afterwards, as I knew even just remotely where she stood. I had no idea before. I could say with certainty that she wasn’t head-over heels for me and just didn’t know how to show it…or she wasn’t interested at all and was only being cool about it. I could concentrate on the movie again. I was happy to have had those five minutes than to never have had them.

In my eyes, it’s left down to two options. Either she actually isn’t sure if she’s interested in me and needs more time…or she has a reservation of some sort. Only time will tell.

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  1. Bia Says:

    Awwwwww [sad face] – I just had a similiar experience.