Great Weekend

Table 23

So Thursday night, after work I went down to the free comedy show in Newport Village, put on by Table 23, and then a few of us skipped over to a movie afterwards. Final Destination 3 was the show, and it was pretty good, considering it’s a number 3. After a long drive home, I crashed and slept in the next morning. I had booked off Friday, because the plan was to go snowboarding all day. The only thing was that it was with two different groups of people: some in the morning, some in the afternoon. And I was never too keen on getting up real early…and then having to pay like $35 for a lift pass for the morning, and my pass covers the evening =P

New Tires

I got a phone call at 10ish from the people on the mountain, but made the call to sleep in some more and just go up in the evening…sorry guys =P So I slept in til about 1ish, haha… Then I got up, did some stuff, then I went out and got two new tires put on the car cause they weren’t looking to good. It was funny because the lady who owns the place owns the same car as we do…and it’s a rare one indeed!


So I got up on the runs about 5pm, and killed about 30 mins before meeting Adrienn and her friend! We boarded for a few hours, but it was bloody icy so it sucked…Adrienn hadn’t been in about 2 years so it was especially bad for her to try to start-up again! The guy, Dan, was cool and he’s into making music and stuff, which is something that my films could use ;) We left around 7:30 because it kept getting worse and worse. 7:30 is quite shocking because I’ve never left more than like 45 minutes until it closes. And that was only because it was forced due to someone else driving =P

Ice Cube

I was supposed to meet Christina up there too around 6:30. I called her just after 7 and she had decided not to head up because she knew it was real icy. See…she was up there earlier because she works on the mountain.

’twas a lonely drive back, but I stopped at the usual 711 in west van to pick up a drink. On the freeway, I decided to call Christina again…but my cell had low battery =O


Her: “Hey”
Me: “Hey! How’s it goin?”
Her: “Good, u?”
Me: “Good good, just wondering if you wanted to finish watching that movie?”

Phone cuts out. I call her back.

Her: “Hey”
Me: “Hey! My battery is bloody low.”
Her: “haha…”
Me: “but yea, did you wanna finish watching that movie?”
Her: “Yea, sure. I’m just at my friends house but I’m leaving shorty.
Me: “Well…”

Phone cuts out AGAIN…I call her back.

Her: “Hey”
Me: “Hey! I’ll give you a call when I get to a land-line.”
Her: “haha…”

Phone cuts out.

/ Phone


So I drove to Ray’s place, called her and worked it out. So I ended up killing an hour or so at Ray’s before she called on her way home and I went and met her there. We chilled on the computer for a bit, then her sister took the TV downstairs, so we went upstairs and watched the simpsons and king of the hill, then her sister went to bed so we went back downstairs, but I ended up watching south park and she used the computer a bit. I drove home afterwards.


Got up around 11ish I think, and killed a bit of time until people showed up around 2 for the Whistler Film contest meeting! I sorta moved it to 3, but originally said 2 so basically we hung out for an hour. There was a good turnout of about 8 of us and we managed to get quite a bit of brainstorming done =) The meeting went until just after 5 I think. That evening, I chilled out and didn’t do much, then I got sick of it so we went out and played pool later. I darted out to Anges to try to fix her networking issues, but failed because she doesn’t have her router yet…It’s still in the back of ray’s car… And then I stole her and brought her to the pool place with us so it was 2 on 2. I treated us all to the games cause it wasn’t too much. Watched a movie then went to bed. Nice relaxing and productive Saturday.

Sunday morning I woke up and went to mass and help out serving coffee and donuts at my parish after the masses. The afternoon was a quick stroll in world of warcraft, making two bowls of Jello, and a bit of nothing-to-do. Later, I drove out and played some more pool with Brian, Petrin, and Mark. It’s nice to play with people who know what they are doing! =) Again, I treated the group to the game cause I felt like it. I got home with Brian just in time for a magnificent dinner! Yes…another usual from my mom =P After dinner, I slopped on a layer of whipped cream ontop of the Jello, and threw another two things of Jello into the fridge. The end result will be to slop on the new two layers, one on each, to create two amazing layered things of Jello! Yummmmm!


So after that, I zipped out to Ray and Nate’s and snatched Ray and went down to the bowling ally. Nate was waiting for Christine to pick him up. Ray and I reserved the lanes and then found nothing to do in the bowling ally so we went and waited in my car. We talked for a bit, but mostly listened to music. Eventually those other two came strolling along, and 5 minutes later, we got buzzed and our lane was ready! Since it was quarter night, we got 6 games and I ended up paying for everyone. You see…I had convinced Nate a while ago to come because I said I’d pay for him because he was broke. Ray whined about how he spent all his money at the club last night and so I said I’d pay for his games cause we don’t hang out enough anymore. And then I figured I’d pay for Christine too because I’d be an asshole not to. Especially when I’m paying for those other two. We played just 4 games but had a great time! Afterwards, we all went home, except Christine who spent the night at Ray and Nate’s place.


I got to bed by 1am, and slept the night away. Alarm kicked in at 7:15am, and I was up by 7:55. In the car at 8:15 and at work by 8:45. And if you read this entire post, I congratulate you! And thank you dearly!

3 Responses to “Great Weekend”

  1. Nate Says:

    Alright bro…single longest post I’ve ever read. Well done at writting that much.

  2. Jonathan T23 Says:

    Thanks for supporting Table 23, cool blog.

    SO, what job were you doing while playing push pin darts?

  3. Paulish Says:

    Graphics design….it got a tad boring at times =P