Last Day of Certainty

Today is the last day where I know what I will be doing. I know that I will come into work, do what I have to do and head home. Tomorrow I will be staying at home and working for myself. I can’t see very far into my future – sure I have some plans, but this is a point in my life where things can go many different directions. A similar situation I can relate you to would be like highschool graduation with no plans of a job or school. Where will that person be in a year? Five years? Nobody knows. That’s how I am starting to feel.

It’s exciting! The things that I can achieve through this. The possibilities are endless! Where am I going to take it? I guess that a few years from now I will have a larger video production company that hires camera operators and editors on contract. In ten years though? Not a clue. It’s exciting.

It’s scary! The nervousness of the “What if I can’t do it?” attitude. Doubts form in my mind, causing me to re-think and re-think things. What if everything goes wrong?

I’m confident! I can make this work. I have the skills nessecary to make good money and have fun along the way! Lots of fun! That’s the purpose behind making this transition – I enjoy video production to the point where it’s almost made me insane!

Today is the last day that I know fully what I am doing today. A week or two from now I could be doing anything. A months ago I couldn’t say that. Everything was predictable and boring. The next monday through friday I’ll be sitting in that office. Now, it could be a fun weekend shoot up at whistler, or the beginnings of a major 90 minute production that I will eventually sell to a production studio to distribute.

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