I Quit Yesterday

I left my job yesterday and here are some pics of my cubical.

This Is My Cubical

My Computer

Phone, Mouse & Speaker if you couldn’t tell

Computer Tower

Wall Plugs they put into the wall specially for me

My Favourite Mug!

Push Pins I played games with =P

A Shelf that people randomly came in and put up for me one day.

My Utensils and my Frisk for when my breath smelled bad.

The Paulish

Looking back as if someone was coming – posing just for the pic ;)

The Last Sticky

My Computer Again

Afterwards – Ride Home in the Truck =D

One Response to “I Quit Yesterday”

  1. Bia Says:

    hey preciouspaul,
    good for you. i’m glad you’re moving on and up. congratulations!