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Weird Japanese Video

Friday, March 31st, 2006

This is the weirdest video ever…I just found it on some random guy’s blog.

Search Engine Time Lapse

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

I found a neat website that has animated gifs of the progress of these search engines’ main pages. It was quite interesting.


And to cite my work, I got these from:

Berlin Memories

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

I was just surfing the web for random blogs, and I came across this one with pictures from Berlin. It inspired me to post a few of my own.

Berlin was truly a unique place. The city has history – from Hitler to the Berlin wall. It’s all so recent that it’s amazing to actually walk there.

The city has sections that are ages old, and then you look at the middle of the city, and see all this brand new stuff! The architecture it crazy! I once wrote in an email that if man was to colonize the moon today, it would look something like the architecture of inner Berlin.

Off to the left and right here, are pictures of the new Jewish memorial. The german relative that was showing us around had never been there and said it must be a month or two old.

Now down here is a section of the berlin wall that they have on display. It’s just put there in the middle of the sidewalk in the exact place where the wall was standing before. They actually have a line on the roads and sidewalks showing exactly where the wall ran before.

It’s quite an amazing city. Just look at how the city looks now, as opposed to just over a decade ago, when that wall stood, separating the country. I would love to go there again.

Squires Convention

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

On the weekend, we had a convention for my youth group. That is the annual activity where all the groups from all over BC gather together for a weekend where we have a big meeting, play games, stay up late in our hotel rooms.

here’s the link to the photo gallery that I put up for my local squires groups’ website:
And here are some awesome pics of us playing 8 player Halo 2 off two projectors in our hotel room! Click to enlarge!

Canoe Trip

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

We all woke up just before 6am and started getting things together. Fader had spent the night at my place. Just after 6:30, I got my mom to drive the truck down to Mark’s house where we picked up his canoe, along with Mark and Petrin. From there, we drove down and left them at the waters edge while we drove back to my place to pick up my canoe. A bit later…around 8am, we were finally down at the water. I had wanted to pitch in just before 8 due to the tides. We loaded up and canoes and pitched them into the water, realizing that Mark didn’t bring any lifejackets, and with my extra one, we were still one short.

“What swimming level did you all get to?” I asked. And it turns out Mark had gotten the furthest so he had to go without. No big deal to him.

My parents were still around cause they had nothing else to do this early in the morning so they were a little upset by that bad planning. Eventually we had started heading down the slough towards the river. My parents walked the dike parallel to us. My canoe had Fader, Brian, and I in it, and Mark had Petrin with him.

Christine was supposed to be coming along, but she said that if she wasn’t there by 7am, to leave without her! She was supposed to bring two kayaks, so we wouldn’t have to put a third person in a canoe.

We made our way down and at first sight of the river, we were a little confused and disappointed! It turns out that the wind was viciously pushing against us. It didn’t look too too bad so I wanted to go…but my parents on the side there were waving their arms telling us not to go! I paddled over to them and they were beginning to convince me, when I paddled over to a small beach on the corner of the slough to the river and stepped up there to get a better look…. It was horrible! I could even see white caps on the waves that were pouring against us! There is no way that we’d be able to make it up river against that current. The wind was the one thing I didn’t think to look up!

We were left with three choices:

1) Head come, cancel the trip. No way in hell any of us would go for this one though.

2) Get my parents to drive us up river so that we’d just have to canoe across at one point. They didn’t have time to do this, and we weren’t really too keen on it.

3) Pitch camp on the little beach there at the mouth of the slough. Which is what we did.

We wanted to setup a good fort to defend against the wind so we spend a good deal of time chopping up some driftwood, and pitching them into the ground to create a good sized wall of big logs to block most of the wind! I attempted to start a fire behind it…but it didn’t last too long.

After about an hour and a half, the wind had slowed down significantly so it was just the tide against us! It was still quite difficult but if we were going to go at all, that was our window! Everyone agreed and we abandoned our post and jumped in our canoes! It was slow moving, but hard work! We worked our way up the river with much difficulty, taking many breaks. After just under two hours of paddling, we found ourselves at the end of the “S” curve, on the trip map below:

You see, the tide was quite strong, but still not at it’s strongest! In about an hour, it would be 1pm, which is when the tide is at it’s strongest against us, which lasts for about an hour or so! It was: keep paddling and battle through waters that were at it’s strongest, or have lunch and leave just after the strongest current, and have it slowly get easier.

We decided to pull over to this little island on the side to rest for lunch, and possibly setup for the night! This island was about 20 meters long, and had just two live trees, and two dead trees! surrounded by rocks and a broken dock, but with just enough room on top to setup our tents and build a fire comfortably!

We were barbarians.

We chopped down one of the dead trees for firewood.

I never finished writing this post, but I didnt wanna leave it as a draft.

Trivia Night Troubles

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Last friday, I got a job to put the scoring for a trivia night up on a wall using my projector and laptop. I got a small story to tell from it…

It’s the last round. All the final scores have been inputted into the system, and the only thing that’s preventing everyone from seeing the final scores is the small piece of cardboard infront of the lens of the projetor. They decided to do the raffle tickets now at the end, which took them a good half hour! At one point, I walked away and up to the judges to return the score sheets, and this woman sitting infront of my projector, turned around and pulled the piece of cardboard off to the side slowly. On my way back I noticed this and was shocked! When I got back, I pulled it back into posisiton! I was shocked that someone would actually do something like this to ruin the suspense for everyone there in the gym! I guess I stopped it sort of early, but I’m sure over half the gym already knew the outcome.

She just laughed and smiled at me as if I shouldn’t care… and that I should laugh along cause she made a funny. But really it was quite disappointing.