Berlin Memories

I was just surfing the web for random blogs, and I came across this one with pictures from Berlin. It inspired me to post a few of my own.

Berlin was truly a unique place. The city has history – from Hitler to the Berlin wall. It’s all so recent that it’s amazing to actually walk there.

The city has sections that are ages old, and then you look at the middle of the city, and see all this brand new stuff! The architecture it crazy! I once wrote in an email that if man was to colonize the moon today, it would look something like the architecture of inner Berlin.

Off to the left and right here, are pictures of the new Jewish memorial. The german relative that was showing us around had never been there and said it must be a month or two old.

Now down here is a section of the berlin wall that they have on display. It’s just put there in the middle of the sidewalk in the exact place where the wall was standing before. They actually have a line on the roads and sidewalks showing exactly where the wall ran before.

It’s quite an amazing city. Just look at how the city looks now, as opposed to just over a decade ago, when that wall stood, separating the country. I would love to go there again.

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