Trivia Night Troubles

Last friday, I got a job to put the scoring for a trivia night up on a wall using my projector and laptop. I got a small story to tell from it…

It’s the last round. All the final scores have been inputted into the system, and the only thing that’s preventing everyone from seeing the final scores is the small piece of cardboard infront of the lens of the projetor. They decided to do the raffle tickets now at the end, which took them a good half hour! At one point, I walked away and up to the judges to return the score sheets, and this woman sitting infront of my projector, turned around and pulled the piece of cardboard off to the side slowly. On my way back I noticed this and was shocked! When I got back, I pulled it back into posisiton! I was shocked that someone would actually do something like this to ruin the suspense for everyone there in the gym! I guess I stopped it sort of early, but I’m sure over half the gym already knew the outcome.

She just laughed and smiled at me as if I shouldn’t care… and that I should laugh along cause she made a funny. But really it was quite disappointing.

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