What’s Your Connection Speed?

A Shaw guy came by for us finally to fix our connection problems… we were getting 1/4 the speed we are paying for. He checked it out and replaced our modem, and now it’s much better =)

Here’s a website he used to check our connection speed:

You just click on the location that you live closest to on the left – Seattle, WA for me, and at the end it’ll tell you your download/upload speeds!

My Stats:
Download: 4821
Upload: 333
Math Corner:
The speeds are in kbps which is kilobits per second, and since there are 8 bits to a byte, that 4821 download translates to 603 kilobytes per second (4821/8), which is 0.58 megabytes per second (603/1024). Hoorah for fastness again!

One Response to “What’s Your Connection Speed?”

  1. Sean Hagen Says:

    Here at work I ran 995down/490up.


    I think that Telus has better upload speeds, or so I’ve heard. Or mabey I’m just pulling random facts out my arse.

    And since you’re not answering my hails ( aka gtalk messages ), is there a film meeting tonight?