Bowling Scores & Birthdays

So for the first time in ages, I went bowling with Nate again! It was just last Monday evening (Which also happened to be his and Ray’s birthday – they are twins), and we got our usual six games. On the second game, I was on quite a roll with a refreshing streak of 4 strikes which helped kick my grand total up to 194. Just a few more points and I’d finally break that 200 mark. Hah…over half my strikes were in that one game!

Nate and I have got a small bet going – $10 per 100 point cap sorta thing – So whoever broke 100 first gave the other $10, and it’ll be a smashing $20 to the person who breaks 200 first. Don’t think it’ll get much further than that though.

Here’s a scan of my score sheet.

Click on the scoresheets to make them larger!

Oh, and Nate might not like this, but here’s his scores from the evening =P

Happy Birthday Ray & Nate!

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