So the other day I ordered two Blogger Hoodies off of the Google Store website, and they were only $17.25 so the total order came to $34.50! Sweat deal and all, so I added shipping in my head, and it was a nice purchase for maybe $45 or so.

Wrong I was.

I got an email today that looks something like this:

PLEASE NOTE: Your order will not ship until you have replied to this email accepting the additional shipping charges.

Thanks very much for your order! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

The first thing we wish to caution you about is the high relative expense of shipping promotional products internationally. Often times freight, customs and duties can add up to a total that is significantly higher than the cost of the products you wish to purchase.

We apologize to you in advance for the shock you will receive when you review the shipping and handling quote. Please be aware that these charges are not a profit center for us and are due to the various duties and taxes charged by countries around the globe.

The total shipping charges listed below includes any duties and/or taxes or customs fees that your country charges for imports.

With those words of caution, please see our freight estimate, below, for your review:


Net Amount of Your Order: $34.50
Shipping Charges: $41.20
Total Amount Due: $75.70

The Total Order Amount is the amount we would need to charge to ship this order. Please let us know if you would like to proceed with this order. Your order will ship once we receive this confirmation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Your order will not ship until you have replied to this email accepting the additional shipping charges.

Google Customer Service
Company #10

Holy CRAP! $41.20 in shipping on a $34.50 order! Welcome to E-commerce Paulish….ugh. So I got one question: If I don’t want to go through with the order, can I reply to the email saying “No, blah blah you suck blah”, or will that count as a reply and they will ship? Wasn’t too well worded in that case.

Anyways, I turned to Ebay in hopes that maybe someone in their mid-life cris bought them in bulk and was trying to sell them without all that crazy shipping cost. I type Blogger Hoodie into the box and it comes up with nothing. So then search just Blogger and it comes up with results like below!

Click to make bigger.

Holy CRAP! wtf does all this have to do with Blogger? So I look back up at the search box and it now says Bigger. So I change it back to Blogger, and hit search again, then it auto-changes back to Bigger. As if it really thinks I’m trying to search the term Bigger instead of Blogger! Aaaaaagh!

First experience with e-commerce by the way. I thought mabye it would be cool to use my credit card to buy something online. This whole thing sucks.

3 Responses to “eCommerce”

  1. Sean Hagen Says:

    Yeah. The border taxes are what really suck. My “pirates are way cooler than ninjas shirt” cost something like $8 bucks for a $15-or-so shirt.

    But buying online can still be fun. You’ve just got to find a good store. And don’t give up. And all those other cliches.

  2. Nate Says:

    Paul, I shant eb dissapointed, as I’m sure you’ve already thought yourself; DON’T DO IT!!!!

    Sorry that all went so shitily…and yes..I have had similar problems trying to buy stuff online too…as Sean says…gotta find the right sites to buy from.

    – Nathaniel

  3. bionic_bunny Says:

    see, what you need a friend who has a postal box in the states, so you can ship it across the border without paying duty by wearing it across….*cough*…of course i have no such thing *cough*…at all….really….not minutes away from White rock….at all…nothing…seriously…you need a wicked awesome friend like that…you really do