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New Film – "Boundary"

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

This film was created for the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival’s Filmmaker Showdown. The 72 hour contest ran from 10am on Friday April 14th through to Monday April 17th at 10am.

Of the 65 teams that submitted films, we were not selected as one of the top eight on the Gala on Tuesday April 18th. We are stil very pleased with our work and believe that our work was very well done, but was on a different level than the other films in the contest; Of the top 8, all of them were comedy.

Watch “Boundary” on my Movies Website

Watch it down here and check out my Movies Website later!

Google Calendar Launches!

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Google has finally come out with an online calendar! I have been waiting for this for years! There was a time when I even programmed my own online, and it came out to something like this: if you look in the calendar section. I even had plans to build something I was going to call the Calemander! It was gonna be just like what Google has put out, without all the cool google fx stuff.

I’m pretty excited! Everyone needs to check it out!

Fall Out Boy Concert

Monday, April 10th, 2006

I was right up front in the mosh, like when the guys from the band ran and jumped into the crowd, I was freaking right under them!

It was especially nice because the ratio of girls to guys was about 20 to 1, so sure, the mosh was a little wimpy, but there were some nice bodies in there =P

Fibonacci-based Poetry

Friday, April 7th, 2006

Slashdot covered this guy who started this poem thing called “Fibs”, where people write poems to the Fibonacci sequence.

April is National Poetry Month (and, it turns out, Math Awareness Month), and on my blog, I decided to get people writing poetry based on the Fibonacci sequence. The poems are six lines, 20 syllables long with the syllable pattern 1/1/2/3/5/8, though they can go longer, obviously. I’ve been calling ’em Fibs, and people have been writing them on pop culture, politics, math, and more.”

I’m Immobilized

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Basically, the fly-wheel inside the transmission is missing some teeth. So when the starter shoots out to turn the fly-wheel, it barely catches. We’ve only tried twice to start it since it could cause more damage trying to start it again. The first time, it made the noise, but I let go because I didnt want to hurt it. The seconde time, my dad got the car going for a second, but accidentally let it stall.

Bottom line is that I’m immobilized since I can’t drive our other vehicle because I’m not insured on it. I’m gonna have to get rides from people for a while.

To fix something like this, we’re looking at more than the car is worth, so we’re not interested. It’s a bitch getting around with the one vehicle, but we’re gonna have to make do until we figure something out.

I’ve even given in and taken my stereo out of the car and put it up in my room for now. I’m looking into hooking it up so it’ll work in the house instead of the car. =)

Gmail Drafts Vanished!

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

All 30+ of my draft emails have suddenly disappeared. They were fairly important I would like to get them back as soon as possible as they are being used to keep notes for business and such.

I just recieved an invitation for Google Page Creator and just finished playing around with it by making a page and publishing it. Perhaps it had something to do with that? I saw all the drafts were there before I started playing with the Page Creator.

I sent an email to Gmail help, as well as Google Page Creator help, and even posted a topic in the Google Groups: Google Page Creator section. I’m hoping they can get them back, or at least get the problem fixed before it affects many more users.