Verify My ID

After Cake at my grandparents, I hooked up with Craig and Vince across the street at the Blenz and we had coffee and chatted a while before Craig and I headed out and drove to meet two girls we met a few weeks ago at a pub. We met up at a coffee shop, but headed to look for a pub after a few minutes. The first we went to was at Henderson Mall, and I believe it was called “Charlie Hamiltons Pub”. It took about 5 minutes for the waitress to take our drinks, and about 15 minutes more before we got sick of waiting for them to be brought over from the bar where we saw them sitting and waiting to be brought out! We left without paying because service sucked.

Next we went to my local pub, Dewy’s, in Port Coquitlam here. It was extremely surprising because there were like a crap load of people there, and we couldn’t find a seat! Crazy…

One of the girls had a bright idea to go to a place next called Chicago’s in New Westminster because she’d never been there. Neither have any of us, so we decided to give it a shot. When we got there, we walked over past “Mugs and Jugs” which is a strip club next to this place… And strangely enough when we walked in, the bouncer wouldn’t let us guys in. Then to my surprise, I noticed a male dancers in just a speedo in the background in there! It was quite scary, but apparently they’d be gone in about an hour or so and it’d be back to a normal drinking establishment where we could chill without male strippers.

In the meantime, we went up the hill to our fourth pub of the night, still with no drinks in us! We found seats, and the waitress was really anal about ID’ing us! First she looked for like 10 seconds at one of the girls’s faces as if it wasn’t her, but let it go. Then she took my drivers lisence and visa, and looked, then asked me if I had another piece of ID?!?! I looked at her funny, and produced another visa, chuckling a little, but it turns out she wasn’t joking so then she asked for like a care card or sin card or something. I was a little shocked at her persistance, but I pulled out my care card and handed it over, and while she was looking at it, I got out my sin card and gave that over too jokingly as if she needed to see both – which she did! She actually had FIVE pieces of my ID, and still looked each over carefully. It was the most anal waitress I’ve ever had to show my ID to. Anyways, we had a few drinks there while chatting it up, before heading back to Chicago’s and then we proceeded to drink and “dance” the night away! It was lots of fun, and one of the girls seemed to keep pushing to make more and more drama, while the other was pretty cool. We all had a good time, and Craig dropped each of the girls off, before both of us got back to my place where we spent the night.

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  1. Nicole Says:

    Okay so I sent you my email addi and if I recall my phone number too but yet I get NOTHING! What’s with that? You know what’s crazy about your Chicago’s story? I was there last weekened with a shitload of people drinking (WAY TOO MUCH) and dancing the night away. If only we were there on the same weekened….