Video Blogging Thoughts

Well, I’m back to text after three experimental days of video blogging. Not because it was a failure, but more because I was just going for a trial run. I never really ever announced I was going to start video blogging, because I thought that it might discourage me or put pressure on how much quality I needed to put into it. I’ve done my testing and have my notes:

  1. It’s hard to keep them short and entertaining the whole time
  2. It would help to have spiffy graphical stuff for intro’s, extro’s, and the like
  3. I couldn’t find places to stick music in really.
  4. Editing can take a while if I filmed a lot that day
  5. Those days aren’t searchable for text keywords on what I did that day

It was a fun endeavor and I’m certain I will continue it sometimes, but I really value my text entries even more. I also find that I can call myself a true blogger now that I’ve tried video blogging.

Up to date, I’ve done:
  1. Regular Blogging
  2. Photoblogging
  3. Audioblogging [my audio-blog]
  4. Vlogging [1, 2, 3]

And the one thing I have yet to try is Moblogging, because I don’t have a cellphone.

Christine mentioned that perhaps I should make a video blog a weekly thing, and immediately I brewed the idea that since it would get repetitive being the same day, I could do one every eight days, so that one week it’d be a Sunday, then a Monday, then a Tuesday, and so on. Either that or I’ll just do them randomly. But as Nate suggested, I want to accompany them with text – that would solve the last point up there in my list and make those days searchable.

Video blogging is definitely a different and new perspective in a new way. I encourage people to try it out, but as I mentioned, it isn’t for everybody.

One Response to “Video Blogging Thoughts”

  1. Nate Says:

    I like your “less often but still do them” idea. And adding text I think would be cool. I just want to remind you, I loved the last one…I appreciate all the work you put into them!