2nd Hoke-Pokedown

Raised By Monkeys just finished up the 2nd Hoke-Pokedown film contest versus team No Idea Why. Here is my quick summary:

Well, we created quite a successful film with the resources at hand. We had huge limitations on schedule availability, but we still went all out on quality. I managed to steer the group in the direction of a serious film instead of a comedy, but since we had so little time to shoot and such, I barely scrapped it together for the end of the 48 hours. We lacked a good musical score because of scheduling, and at the showdown thing against the other team, I had no time to check it so the entire audio track was about 2 seconds early. It was extremely hard to watch, but even at times we had the audience captivated. It really was well done, but I need to spend several more hours working on post, and get the music in there before I can release it. I do have to submit it as it was (though I can fix the 2 seconds off on the audio track) for the judges, but I’m going to keep it under wraps and release it only after I finish it up.

Stay tuned and I’ll post it when it’s ready to be released.

One Response to “2nd Hoke-Pokedown”

  1. Nate Says:

    I wanna watch this thing…as well as be in one so bad! Summer is here soon! I have hope yet…maybe I’ll even do that weapons brief for you…