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Shuswap V-Blog Part 1

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Eight Hours of Tuning

Friday, July 27th, 2007

I spent my afternoon mowing the entirety of the lawn, which was trouble because the lawn seemed to be slightly damp under the surface, because it seemed to clog the space between the blade and the bag often and wouldn’t let anything through, leaving the grass on the ground. I had to go over it after with a rake and pick it up with my hands… wah wah… That’s me crying about it.

While I was mowing, my Dad ran down to our mailbox and picked up the laptop we ordered yesterday. After a shower and some sweedish meatballs for dinner, I unpacked the thing and began stripping all the useless programs off of it. Ange called and came over later and we played Dynasty Warriors 5 while I half-worked on the laptop. I drove her home around 2:30am, when I was finished with the laptop…. yes, I actually spent over eight hours tuning that machine.

The only bad part was when I got home and finally popped in a disc to install nero, (everything else was already copied on the computers so I didnt need a disc) and it turns out that the DVD-ROM is buggy and it couldn’t read it! It was a little frustrating, and hopefully we can figure it out!

Do Not Eat Packet Comic

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Bottles Steak & Comedy

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

I woke up pretty late after staying up and watching the cheesy slasher, “Drive-Thru“. The ending was annoying because when the killer came at the girl with a match when was tied up and covered in gasoline, she just kept screaming instead of turning and giving a little blow to put out the candle! Idiots, geeeze…

for $1.80, and I had to take it inside, awkwardly wait in a 2 minute line-up with no products, and then just give the pack from the lady behind My afternoon was spent doing some more editing, and later I drove Jason to work. After dropping him off, I took my bottles back to the liquor store, and got like eight bucks in change! I also stopped at Save-on to drop off my pop cans, which came out on a receiptreceipt to the cashier. She scanned the receipt, and then took an Oreo pack from the lady behind me and scanned that too. I got her to take off the Oero’s, and just give me the buck eighty. Almost $9 in bottle returns is a good thing… but when you buy like $40 of beer at the same time, you lose money in the end.

I barbecued up some steaks for dinner, which tasted absolutely amazing with the marinade we used. I took so long enjoying the food that I left late for comedy, and got there just 15 minutes before the show. That means standing room only.

It was improvokee which meant audience members got to come up and join in, which actually was pretty funny. It was too bad because all of the Table 23 guys showed up, which gave them less screen time. Afterwards, a bunch of us wandered to the pub as usual and we chilled there for around two hours!

… … …

also, I havent posted about this before, but a few days ago, we sold the windows on the cordoba!

No Filming

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

I spent my afternoon editing, and when the film meeting rolled around, we only had about five people show up… Now, with the big project coming up very soon, this meeting is the last one before we start out full tilt into the big one, so we didn’t really have much to do, so we decided to take the night off and head down and shoot some pool! I dropped Ange off at home on the way, which left Mark, Craig, Krista, and I. We played for over an hour, before heading off to Dewy’s to catch a toonie burger. When we showed up, there was a DJ guy doing music trivia night, and we joined in! We did pretty well, but couldn’t place because we started late and missed points. Brittany showed up a bit later, as I had invited her to the film meeting! We all just chilled for a bit, and turned in pretty early.

Guitar Hero 2 Addiction

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007