May Yet Get a Cell

Well, I just stumbled onto something I’ve never even heard rumored before… a gPhone. This device is only a rumor and has little knowledge on it, but basically it’s a cellphone from the one and only, Google. Even though I know almost nothing on it, if I were ever to enter the cellphone market, the best chance it has at nabbing me would be through this device…

…Here’s hoping Google can sway me!

Oh, and by the way Sean, it is claimed to run OpenMoko!

2 Responses to “May Yet Get a Cell”

  1. Sean Hagen Says:

    OpenMoko you say? Hmmmm. As long as it’s not a GSM phone. Because then you’d have to sign up with The Devil™, and that’s never fun.

    Here’s to hoping that it runs on the CDMA network and can also run Skype!

  2. Cezain Says:

    This has absolutely no relation to I-Phone and it’s already-rising competetion, does it? (LG apparently has an I-Phone knock off in the works.)