GIFTS: Day 4

I was up on time once again for breakfast, which was corn flakes, and waffles. Though the toaster was broken and my waffle was all black so I just chucked it, but you don’t need to know that. Immediately after breakfast, we got down to post-production, which was 90% audio work, with a few tweaks to the video. We only had to re-capture two shots, which went super easy and smooth. Another folley of a door lock openeing, and everything was captured. Everything went very smooth and we were done a really solid edit by lunch.

We had some massive hot dogs with mac and cheese, then jumped right back to work. A few tweaks to deinterlace things and we had a nice cinematic look to it. We had our renders finished well ahead of schedule and it was up on YouTube by 2pm. Check out our final product, titled Silence of the Lamps. We stumbled around for the last few hours, and didn’t do too much. I copied all the raw project data onto my laptop and burned Joel a copy on DVD. There is only like 20% more battery left on the laptop, so I’ve conserved it well.

The last hour was spent sitting around chatting with the other contestants, who also finished their films, and I will link to them soon here when they are available online. We caught the 5:05pm ferry ride, where my dad picked me up at the other end. I was home by 7:15, and extremely happy to be there!

The segment on Global aired on the 6pm news, and I missed recording it so I screen captured this off the internet:

2 Responses to “GIFTS: Day 4”

  1. Crash Says:


    they said “these teenagers” :P on the six o’clock news.

    poor paul.

    ps. you rock

  2. Nate Says:

    You know, thats a pretty heavy message… I think thats because its weighed down by all that bullshit and misinformation…