Twins Party

I woke up and went out to Tim Hortons with Brittany before we said our goodbyes as she took off to head over to the island to spend Christmas with her family. When I got back, I cleaned up a little while some people were still sleeping, and then around noon I took off with my dad and we went to film a play.

When we got home, only a few people were still there, so I threw around a few plans for the rest of the day, and we ended up keeping Nathaniel and Brian and I took him to the mall for some Christmas shopping. A little later in the evening we went out to Amber and Amanda’s (the twins) Christmas party:

I ran off for a short period with Ray to meet Fader and Darcy at the theater to watch the Walk Hard movie. We kicked around until about 1:30, when I drove Brian home.

When I got home, I got to talk to Brittany on the phone for a while which was really awesome! I went off to bed, and ended up almost falling asleep watching the first episode of Season 3 of Lost.

2 Responses to “Twins Party”

  1. Brit Says:

    omg this is creepy!
    if u look at the picture of the two twins the two on the left have the same grin and posture and darker clothing

    and the two on the right are both standing up strait smilin gopen mouthed


  2. Paul Romein Says:

    wow! that is actually VERY weird!