Snowboarding with Christine

I woke up rather late today, around noon or one ish and Greg came by briefly to pick up some stuff. I called Christine first and asked her if she wanted to go up to Cypress, which returned positive! While I was waiting for her, I gathered my gear, and then spent almost an hour working on cleaning the inside of my car!

What has happened, is since it’s immobilized due to failure in aircare and then insurance expiration and lack of interest to spend the money to get it fixed at the moment, it’s just been sitting there. About a week ago, I noticed that it has signs of mold beginning to grow! Not very good, so today I scrubbed it out of about 70% of the vehicle before we had to head out. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow. I also noticed that the rain drops that I thought were on my windshield were actually on the inside! I dried it with a paper towel, and put a heater in the car while I was out boarding to dry it out and remove the moisture.

Christine was over around 3:15 or so, and we got a ride from my mom to pick up the Subaru at the mall from Brian and take it up the mountain! We stopped at Ikea and picked up a half-dozen 50 cent hot-dogs and then I almost got hit just outside the parking lot…. amazing evasive driving on my part!

We took Nate’s camera up and actually took some awesome photos of our adventures! To kick it off, here’s the best one of me doing a sweet drop!

I also took a few video clips, and threw them together here. It is actually quite a hilarious video about half way through:

I also realized yesterday why I’m not getting any comments on my blog posts anymore. It’s because everyone who commonly posts comments is currently in town and we’re hanging out all the time now! Hooray for Nate and Christine! And thanks to all others who post comments!

We did 16 runs by the way!

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