Boxing Day Fienza

My boxing day started right when the clock ticked off of Christmas Day. I was planning and organizing the assault on Future Shop. Here’s how it went down:

Nathaniel, Brian and myself piled into my Subaru with a few blankets, and some video games that I couldn’t get to work off the inverter because they drew slightly too much power.

We arrived and lined up at the corner around Montanas.

Brian wandered inside while Nate and I waited in line, and Brian called us shortly after saying that he volunteered to help with some merchandising because they were short staffed and he clocked in! Nate and I were left the two of us in the cold for a few hours with nobody to take shifts with to warm up in the car. There were two chairs in front of us that belonged to two guys who let us sit there while they waited in their car. We won because we got to sit down, and they won because we saved their spot in line!

I left and picked up three hot chocolates from 7-11, then headed up to Greg’s house where I threw rocks at his window and knocked quietly until he answered. He then made me a sandwich, and lent me a hoodie because it was freezing. I drove us down the hill and back to the line where we met up with Nate.

When we arrived, Nate took off and went into the Subaru and rested. After a short while, Brian came out and told us that he clocked out after two hours work of merchandising, and can come into work two hours late now. Good for him. Christine also called and let us know that she wouldn’t be coming out because she got snowed into her house out in Mission!

Soon, I realized that since Greg had company and was fresh to waiting in line, I could finally be relieved too, so I took off and joined Nate sleeping in the back of the car. It was surprisingly roomy, much like a three man tent.

However, the spaciousness of the car ended quickly when Ray showed up and I half-jokingly invited him to crash in there with us, and he actually accepted and squeezed in with us! It was a good ten minutes of bickering from all three of us before Ray decided to head out and go talk to Brian and Greg. He left after another twenty minutes or so. Nate and I fell asleep in the car.

Greg woke us up because the store was to open at 6am, and he wanted to be prepared because the line was shuffling a little. Nate and I saw that we had a half hour so we lay back down. I peeked out five minutes later and noticed the line was moving very oddly in the direction of the door… Nate and I decided it would be best to get up and be ready.

We changed out of our pajamas just in time to lock up the car and run up to find Greg and Brian up about 15 feet from the door! It was intense because they were slowly letting people in about 20 minutes before they were supposed to! Nate and I just barely managed to make it, and we were in the first group of people they let into the store. They tried to stop Nate because they were full, but I told them he was with us and they let him come through! Brian had informed me of the whereabouts of the $99 HD-DVD player I wanted was, so I promptly ran straight across the store to it! Brian told me they had about 36 units, and when I got up there to the stack, it was down to just SIX! The lady infront of me grabbed three, and I quickly picked up two, and within a second the last one was gone! I grabbed one for myself, and one for Greg who was hobbling towards me with his broken toe! It was super close!

I strolled over and picked up a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the four of us met up and took about 20 minutes strolling the store before casually heading out.

As we walked out of the store with our items, we saw the massive line of people stretching about 150 meters of tightly packed customers!

We piled back into the Subaru victoriously and drove up to Greg’s place where his mom made us breakfast and we hooked up his HD-DVD played and watched some transformers! Nate and Brian fell hard asleep, and after a while I headed home and crashed.

When I woke up, I went with Mark Bakker back to the mall, and took a couple ridiculous photos:

We also had our regular Boxing Day open house at my place in the afternoon where we had a bunch of people over:

I went with Nate to the theatre to watch PS I Love You with him, Amber, Amanda, and one of their friends, but was saved at the last minute by Mark Condon, Petrin, and a few others showing up for National Treasure 2, so I tagged along with them instead!

After the movie, a bunch of us went over to Boston Pizza and we had some snacks before I drove everyone home.

As a final thought on this day, I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to try to get a Boxing Day door crasher item the following advice:

1. Have around three or four people – good number for doing shifts, but not too big of a crowd.
2. Do your research – know exactly what item you are getting, but don’t get greedy and go for too much.
3. Bring fold up chairs, but remember to pack them up into the car at least 40 minutes before the store is scheduled to open.
4. Make sure someone can do a hot drink run – it’s cold out there.
5. Dress warm.

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