Snowboarding Julie to the Hospital

I gathered a few people for a good evening of snowboarding, and we stopped at Plateau Pizza on our way out. I had promised I would hang out with Christine and Greg, so I killed two birds with one stone on our way out of town.

We picked up Sheena after eating, and the four of us headed up the mountain!

I was teaching Julie how to board, and on our second run she fell pretty bad and hurt her wrist. The ski-patrol came by and offered to grab a snowmobile, which took forever to show up, but eventually it took Julie down the mountain.

I boarded down holding her board, and we met her at the first aid building, where they put a sling on her and filled out some paperwork.

They also gave each of us a free pass for Cypress to come back another time. I wanted to do a few more runs, but I found it a very good idea to head off and take Julie to the hospital.

We got it all checked out, and it turns out there is no broken bones, but just a really really bad ass sprain. She should be alright with time. They put a fiberglass cast and tensor bandaged it to her arm.

Brittany came back from her Christmas vacation back at home with her family and I got to hang out with her when I got back from the hospital! It was super amazing to see my darling for the first time after a week!

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