Fight Night

Brittany and I went to the mall in the morning and we got some bubble tea and waited through the half hour return line at Future Shop to get me about $40 back for a keyboard that I got that was the wrong item… it came with a stupid easy call speaker thing that took over my sound card.

After our return, we wandered around the mall for a good hour or so and I found a sweet new hoodie that I really like! I got it for about $40 from Randy River, which cancels out the $40 returned from the keyboard.

Later in the evening, Nathaniel hosted a “fight night” at my place because Mark was unable to due to having family over. It’s a good thing that we just happened to buy and setup our new shaw box just yesterday! Nate and I, being new to the whole thing, ordered the fight, but later realized that we ordered it in standard definition, where we could have gotten it for the same price in high definition! It was a little unfair, but we still had a blast sitting and watching Nate and Sheena enjoy the fight… we got into it quite a bit too.

After the fight, we hung around and played huge a two deck game of Go-Fish with some funny cards!

I won in the end with 16 pairs, and Janet insisted I make a fish face for winning Go-Fish!

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