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Telephone Trouble

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Nathaniel picked me up this morning and we went and visited Janet at school for her film class! She was parading Nathaniel as her boyfriend to play with people’s minds, which was a fun little game… and eventually we got suckered into helping some random girl with her project… it was very sad. We really did nothing. However, I quickly came up with a very quick concept for this little short that I filmed with their Canon ZR850 or something and edited on their dreaded iMac’s…. I even composed the music in Garage Band and burned it with iMovie… It was very difficult. When I got home, I replaced the music with some from cinescore, and fixed up titles and saturated the first two shots a lot more. It’s kinda fun to tell a very short story in just three shots.

First Day of the Season

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

After the club last night, I crashed at the Blackmore castle. I woke up and chilled with Ray until he took off. I had to drive out to Langley to pick up Nate, and then drive across surrey to drop off a girl. We had subway on the way home, then hit Superstore and bought nothing but we really wanted to buy cookies.

I hung out briefly with Ray and Nate at their place before I headed home. I found Mike Waddell at the bus stop, and offered him a ride to my place, which he was headed to anyways. It worked out mighty convenient for him because even after we recored his commentary and had some other fun with some audio-work, I dropped him off at Tim Hortons so he could talk to his boss. I brought a coffee home with me and talked to a few boarder friends briefly to try to avoid go up alone, but I ended up going alone anyways. I was out of the house by 5:30, and drove solo up to Cypress!

It was the first day of the season for night boarding, and I was very happy to be up there. I fit in ten runs, two were on the Collins side, while eight of them were on Panorama side. I got to see the nifty new chairlift overhead, but apparently it won’t be open for two weeks. I boarded until 9ish, until my muscles were exhausted. The best part of going on my own was that I could go at my own pace, which is always non-stop. I never even sit down for ten seconds on a run, or stop at the bottom of the run; I get up right away when I fall, and even unstrap my bindings before I stop, and hustle onto the chairlift.

I drove home and back to visit with Nate, who was down watching a movie… so I joined him and Brian and Jessy, even though it was Enchanted. Urrrg…. After that, we wandered back to my place for a few beers.

December Poll #1 Closed

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

As I dove deep into people’s minds, this poll confirmed my suspicions that everyone dreams pretty much from their own point of view, or at least about themselves.

Don’t ya think I look good in a top hat?

Friday, December 14th, 2007

85% Heineken

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Just so the world knows,
I’ve got 150 empty beer bottles up on my sun-deck, and a whopping 128 of them are Heineken!

Thanks guys!

…And then there’s the collection in my room….

Frets Official Release

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Today I am officially releasing Frets – the film we created in the 3rd Hokey-Pokedown. It was created during the friendly 48 hour film contest with the following inspiration package:

Character: A Singer
Action: Something is Missing
Technical: 30 second split screen

With a crew of about thirteen, we managed to pull of a first draft edit for the end of the 48 hours, and we had a screening that evening. The opposing team from No Idea Why hadn’t fininshed in time, so we showed off against a surprise entry from my mom and sister, Drinking Games. To my knowledge, No Idea Why still hasn’t finished editing their entry for this contest. We, on the other hand, have wrapped up a second edit, which we are moving to DVD as the final.

I recorded the first of commentaries with Director of Photography, Mark Bakker this afternoon, and have plans to record the rest in time for a Christmas DVD release, packed with goodies.