Unbreakable Nocturnalism

Talladega NightsWell, I ended staying up a little later last night than I wanted to because I watched Talladega Nights. It was pretty funny.

I woke up around 11am, but didn’t stay up more than an hour or so before going back to sleep because it was just so comfortably cozy and warm! I woke up on and off but never for more than a couple minutes. It wasn’t until around 5 or 6 that I actually got up and started doing things. So much for getting back to a regular schedule!

I meandered around doing a few small things like eating dinner, doing a bit of work, a bit of web-design and a bit of TV. I actually caught the first episode of Lost, season 4 on TV and got to watch it the day it came out for the first time ever! I always have waited until the DVD release to watch them. I also finally implemented Mark’s flash video player in my blog here, so you can finally watch that snowboarding video from Tuesday!

I’m gonna have to get up earlier on Saturday, so this nocturnalism due to web-design has to stop.

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