Zoo House

My morning kicked off by chatting with Brittany on the webcam, and then having a bowl of cereal with Jessy. He just happened to be over because they’re playing D&D later. My 5 year old cousin Karys has slept over with her parents too, and then I had invited Adrienn, Mark, and Sean over to do a choreographed fight scene for a short film. After the rest of my family woke up too, the house was a zoo! To add to all this, I started up a webcam call with Nate who was over at Christine’s place with Phil and her four roommates. We only saw one of them but technically that would have been 20 people joined between the two houses… However, it was only 19 people because Sean slept in and wasn’t able to come out to shoot because he had school work to do too.

Instead of being able to shoot the fight scene, we brainstormed up a n “Old Country” character for Adrienn, and got outside and shot a funny little short with Mark and I’s Canon SD1000’s. Mark had to leave shortly into post-production, but Adrienn was there until the final render was started, at which point she had to head home for dinner, and I decided to take a nap because I was exhausted because I didn’t get too much sleep last night.

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