Long Sleep

After I edited Old Country Olga with Adrienn, I lay down for a nap around 4:30pm and I didn’t wake up until about 1am.  Jessy and I were supposed to go hit up a 4 hour Samaria movie downtown around 7, but when he came to wake up, I was far too tired to be able to sit through a movie.  When I woke at 1am, it was like urg-I’ve just had a full nights sleep and the night it only starting!  I could have woken up and stayed up late, but that would have thrown off my schedule, and we all know what happens when I go nocturnal, so instead I decided to keep sleeping.  It was a rough run, where I woke up a few times for short patches, but I slept until 7:30am, when I got up and started some work.  I was very well rested too.

I worked most of the day, up until council at 5, which I went down and directed the second half of.  It was actually a really nice treat to direct three really good camera operators.  Council was also a bit of a roller coaster, which kept us all awake.


Back at home, I stayed up pretty late because I still wasn’t very tired – I’m drafting up the template pages for the film section of my website which should be live sometime soon.  Maybe a week or two tops.

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