Night Photography

For those of you who don’t know yet, Jason upgraded his camera from a Nikon D50 to a Nikon D300.  It’s a pretty awesome new camera he’s got there…

I went out with him a couple hours ago to do some night photography – my dinky Canon SD1000 versus his amazing new SLR.  First, here are two shots my camera managed to pull off with its max of a 15 second shutter at ISO400.  I’ve lightened them in post a little.

Night Photography 1

Night Photography 2

And here’s a shot I took of Jason at work:

Night Photography - Jason

Night Photography - PaulHe pulled off a few good shots, but nothing spectacular, as he was learning new tools and such on the thing.  Testing it out with things that take lots of time, like noise reduction… sometimes took minutes!  Anyways, on the right is an exaggerated shot of me with my super camera, and below I’ve added his best shot at full 12 megapixel resolution with no mod’s.  It’s completely unedited, and the only thing done to it is a transfer out of RAW and a compression to a high-quality web jpeg.  Click on it and see just how darn big his photos are these days:

Night Photography - Full Res from D300

PS: Holy crap – the PNG’s Jason exported from his RAW’s for me to edit up for this post were 50 MB each!

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6 Responses to “Night Photography”

  1. Mark Says:

    That’s a pretty sweet camera he has there. I am definitely NOT jealous. *so jealous, so jealous, so jealous* I really like the last shot, it has very cool colors, and interesting composure – cutting off Paul’s feet just slightly. I think I would’ve kept the feet or cropped higher. But the silhouette of looking on is very intriguing and you are really drawn in to the sense that Paul is very contemplative of the scenery. Cool.

  2. Paul Romein Says:

    Yes, you are right, though it was pitch black so I’m sure it wasn’t easy to frame! And as a random side note, I had to stand really still for 30 seconds to get that shot.

  3. CezainValsol Says:

    Photography really isn’t my department but its something I do appreciate. That must have been one fairly expensive camera, but I bet Jason gets a discount for working at London Drugs. Speaking of London Drugs, I should visit sometime and ask Jason for his opinion on a good camera. I had an Olympus in mind, its 7.1 megapixels, waterproof and shockproof, and fairly pocket-ish, too.

    Pretty impressive stuff all in all. I think I like the one with the line of trees best. Perspective pictures are pretty cool.

  4. Sean Hagen Says:

    What was the camera set at to take that picture? ( ie, exif data! )

  5. Jason J. Romein Says:

    Yes, I got a nice discount from Nikon, but I won’t post about it here. If you ask me in person, though, I’ll let you know.

    The date for the shot? Pretty straightfoward. I shot that at ISO 400 with Long Exposure NR on. Aperature was at 5.6, and the shutter was open for 30 seconds. I used my 18-200 VR lens, and it was at the widest angle.

    Check out my photo blog for more shots.

  6. Jason J. Romein Says:

    Click my name to get to said photo blog, by the way. I didn’t know Paul’s site didn’t post a link.