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Mini-Robots to Save the Planet?

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

A guy named Richard Branson offered a $25 million prize to anyone who figures out how to remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere.

Crazy Days – Back Soon

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

It’s late and I don’t have much time to sleep tonight.  I’m already sleep deprived still from this last weekend’s 48 hour film contest, and starting tomorrow I will be filming a dance competition for five days straight.  For the next few days I will basically be running a “one-hour-photo and video” type thing for the 180 dance numbers every day.  I will hardly have enough time to sleep so I will most definitely not have any time to post on my blog here until next week sometime.

We’ve actually ripped half of the systems on my network out of my house and set them up on location earlier this evening, so many of you can only imagine exactly how many systems “half” actually is.  And perhaps the lack of that soothing humm that radiates from my house…

Ta ta for now Mr. Blog world!

Quick Flick – Mid Contest Update

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

I’m sitting here in my bed at 4:19 in the morning. I’ve got our HD camera uploading to my laptop here the footage that we shot a couple hours ago over at Janet’s house. Friday night, we went down to the Port Moody Arts Center and received our inspiration package for our 48 hour film contest. We wrote until 2am last night, and afterwards I spent some time compiling the script packages. I slept around 4am, and woke up at 8:30 to prepare for our 9am production meeting. It went very well this morning, and we started off pretty good, but shooting the first scene took twice the alloted time, and has pushed everything else back in the production. We had to learn and adapt on the fly, as we always have to do. We have shot all except one short scene and the last half to another which both require Mr. Pelley. I’ll be up tomorrow morning at 8am to work on editing the footage I’m almost finished uploading now and then at 11am we will be shooting the last scenes with him. I’ll spend most of the afternoon in editing, preparing for a picture lock at 5pm, where I can begin renders and burns. It’s going to be fairly tricky to swing it all on such a tight schedule because we had to push some shooting back to tomorrow afternoon, but we’ve done tighter shoots.

Well, the footage has just finished uploading and I’ve got 3.5 hours of sleep ahead of me before I wake up to start editing with Corinne. To lay it out pretty simple:

  • 2 hours editing
  • 1 hour setting up the location
  • 2 hours shooting scene
  • 1 hour shooting second half to another scene
  • 1 hour buffer
  • 2 hours editing final edit
  • 2 hours rendering and burning

I’m exhausted and I don’t have to be up and working anymore so I’m signing off. I’m exhausted.